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Weeds Control

A Late Summer Lawn Care Guide from the Pros!

If it’s one thing that all Floridians understand, it’s the summer heat. For homeowners, spring lawn care often reflects ensuring a lawn is healthy and green. Consequently, spring turns to summer, and the temperature rises, summer lawn care focuses more on keeping this greenery healthy.

The summer is also a time for barbecues, outside games with the family, as well as parties and numerous other events that result in guests and visitors tromping all over the manicured grass. For this reason, our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to share a summer lawn care tip or two to keep your lawn in tip-top shape!

Water Smart

We all know that our grass requires more water during the summer months. However, what isn’t exactly common knowledge is that you must understand how deep this water penetrates as well. 

In the summertime, watering deeply helps grass develop drought-tolerant roots. While we do see our fair share of rain throughout the summer season, this summer lawn care tip still protects the lawn in case weather changes in the future negatively impact landscape health.

Water at the Right Time

The best time to water grass during the summer is in the morning. Those that choose to water their lawns during midday may experience evaporating water that never satiates thirsty grass. Additionally, nighttime watering can lead to stagnant water sitting on the surface that may result in numerous different issues.

Keep the Grass Growth High

Mowing isn’t all the fun. Yeah, you can throw on a set of headphones to complement the chore, but the summer makes an afternoon of yard work much more difficult. This is why numerous homeowners choose summer to cut their grass as short as possible. After all, this seemingly minimizes the number of times you need to go outdoors for a summertime mowing.

The truth is, you should mow as high and as often as possible during the hot months. This helps the grass establish deep roots, enabling them to absorb water underground. This summer lawn care tip also offers valuable, albeit minimal shade coverage for the soil beneath.

Weed Control, It’s Always Important

Summer is the ideal time to manage growing weeds. This is because they tend to bloom and disperse seeds for the following year near summer’s end. Nevertheless, it remains essential to take caution in weeding during the summer as any product can potentially damage grass that is already facing stressful conditions.

Taking care of weeds early on can help prevent insect infestations and diseases. Grubs hatch over summer, and the moist air is prime for fungal infestations. As a bonus summer lawn care tip, avoid evening watering to ensure night moisture is at a minimum.

Aerate Your Yard

The summer sun compacts the soil in your yard. Unfortunately, this also means that the grass will face challenges obtaining water, air, and nutrients. Aerating the lawn is the best way to loosen this soil, enabling crucial components to reach the roots of the grass.

Help with Summer Lawn Care from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Lawn care is critical during any time of the year. However, it is also a very time-consuming task. Floridians understand how vital lawn care can be during the hottest months of the year in the summer season.

If you need a little bit of extra help, simply contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service. We understand how important homeowners in South Florida feel about their beautiful lawns and wield the knowledge and experience to guarantee they look their best all year long.

Get Your Yard Ready with our Summer Lawn Care Advice

The Florida heat seems to keep getting warmer and warmer; however, our trees and plants keep on blooming, forcing homeowners to make the proper preparations for the summer season.

Preparing a lawn for summer in Florida can seem like a daunting endeavor. What’s the good news you ask? The summer temperatures don’t need to pose a problem with this summer lawn care advice from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service. The following information can help you keep your landscape in peak form throughout summer until the temperatures start dropping again!


Always Remove Stumps from Your Yard

Trees represent beautiful, as well as essential property assets. Unfortunately, they may also succumb to a wide variety of ailments. These might include disease, drought, wind damage, and lightning strikes. When trees experience significant damage or die, you need swift tree removal.


Green Lawn Tips from Expert Professionals

Many homeowners make an effort to help their lawns look lush and green. Unfortunately, sometimes this involves putting hours and hours into lawn care with minimal final results. These homeowners may find themselves looking over to their neighbor’s lush expanse of greenery.

However, is that grass really greener on the other side? With some professional green lawn tips from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, you can achieve a lawn that you’re finally proud of. This way, you can observe greener grass on both sides of the fence.


Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter Weather

Even in a warm climate like South Florida, it isn’t uncommon for our landscaping to fall by the wayside as temperatures begin to drop. We may not contend with snow-covered, frosted ground like our friends in the north, but many Floridians abstain from spending time outside when the climates reach the sub-50’s.


Basic Lawn Tips to Improve Your Landscape

We all know a healthy lawn when we see it. Truly healthy, lush grass almost looks like carpet, just waiting for someone in bare feet to go running across it. Unfortunately, not everyone’s lawn looks like this.

To achieve the perfect lawn, you need to think about some basic lawn tips. This will include understanding what a lawn needs: sun, water, and fertilizer. Once you understand these, you have the basics covered, and it’s easy to show the world your incredible expanse of greenery! Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you get started with these basic lawn tips!


In Florida, our landscape doesn’t suffer from the enduring winter season like many other areas of the country. Nevertheless, healthy grass is an amazing gift that several homeowners take for granted. There isn’t anything that compares to spending time with family and friends on a beautiful, lush expanse of greenery. Our lawns provide a way we can appreciate nature without ever leaving our property.


Common Florida Weeds

No matter how well you take care of your lawn, there is still always the chance of weeds sprouting up. Controlling weeds is vital to the overall look and health of your yard. Our team at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service knows which Common Florida Weeds remain prevalent this time of year, as well as how to get rid of them! (more…)

Stop Weeds before They Start

Weed control is a significant aspect of effective lawn care, as well as maintaining a beautiful, elegant expanse of greenery. Weeds offer a big problem for many homeowners. Although these troublesome invaders may prove difficult, and resistant to your interfering efforts, this doesn’t mean that you must live with these unwanted plants. (more…)

How to Get Rid of Weeds

Spring has just begun, which means the plants in your lawn will start to bloom and grow once again. The last thing you want is to see is your garden choked and overrun by weeds. At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, our experts will show you How to Get Rid of Weeds so your property will look its best!