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Looking for a way to improve the appearance of your outdoor area? Tree planting and implantation of new greenery often prove to represent the best ways to achieve this goal. An array of colorful flowers, healthy shrubs, as well as decorative trees can add an air of beauty to any façade while simultaneously increasing an estate’s or business’s value.


Choose plants that you want to add to your property. These adornments combined with a regimen that involves pruning trees and general landscaping is a relatively easy task. Unfortunately, installation is a different story altogether.


Properly planting new greenery necessitates hours of labor and expertise that you may not wield. In any case, it is a prudent idea to enlist an expert tree service company that specializes in general landscaping for their assistance.


Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is comprised of an arborist team who possess over 30 years of experience in professional tree service. Our team takes care of everything from strategically planning locations to ensuring the soil is enriched. This will help your plants thrive. Eliminate any hassle and work with a professional group of landscaping experts that you can trust.


Our professional team enjoys working with clients to create the best solutions for their unique landscaping needs. Our ultimate goal is assisting these clients to make their yards, schools, churches, or businesses look elegant, as well as beautiful.


Tree Planting and Installation

Adding plant material offers a seemingly limitless amount of opportunity to bring a landscape to life. By adding new life to a property, the plants offer scale and texture, in addition to depth. Regardless if you want a mature shady tree, or even just a focal point for the yard, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service pride ourselves on making the most of any enhancement effort.


Planting a tree is a lifelong investment with many species possessing a lifespan as long as their human counterparts. How well the investment grows heavily depends on the selected plant species, as well as the planting location and administered plant maintenance in Miami.


Ensuring that your plant starts off right will help the planting mature to full size, almost guaranteeing its ability to provide environmental, economic, and social benefits throughout its entire life.


“Landscaping Isn’t Something You Just Plant and Forget About”

Frank’s Lawn not only offers landscaping design services but also aid our clients with landscaping maintenance in Miami. Maintaining a property includes tree trimming service, as well as tree removal service.


Our team members pride themselves on offering a wide range of landscaping services. This commitment to excellence extends to the best possible customer satisfaction guarantee. We carefully select the highest quality plants, trees, and shrubs from the top-rated growers and nurseries. This provides our clients with the quality we feel they deserve.


Plant maintenance in Miami to achieve a beautiful elegant landscape is no easy process. Our team knows this all too well. Luckily, the specialists from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you with virtually any landscaping issue.


We want to help you bring your visions for your home or business property to life. Once we make these dreams a reality, maintain your property and keep it in preeminent condition. This ensures your property reaches its utmost potential each and every month!


Plant Care Services from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Tree PlantingIf you want to achieve dramatic results, tree planting services and plant maintenance in Miami is the best possible solution. On your very first appointment with a Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service specialist, we get to work right away.



These services include trimming and treating any potentially unhealthy greenery. Once we can ensure everything remains healthy, our program for plant maintenance in Miami can begin. This focuses on maintaining long-lasting, beautiful plants for the long-term.



Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is the preeminent solution that offers a team of horticulture experts for any landscaping need. We also comprehensively maintain training and education on a wide variety of plants. This helps us commit to your landscaping dreams without potentially damaging the ecosystem.


Our specialists want to help your landscaping visions come to fruition. With one simple call to Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service at (305) 233-9369, we can offer you a free estimate. This is the first step towards transforming your property throughout either tree planting or a wide variety of our other services.


With your vision in conjunction with our knowledge and experience. We suit your practical needs and compliment the style of your existing space.