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Landscape Debris Removal

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Debris Removal

As a resident in the South Florida area, you most likely have a myriad of hands-on experience with the destruction in the aftermath of strong hurricane and tropical storm winds. Plants are often pulled from the ground, bushes are torn apart, trees are uprooted, and flower beds are completely ruined.


Cleaning debris from your property can take weeks and requires far more manpower than most people have access to. Sure, you could call a few of your buddies over for an afternoon project, or you can get ahold of Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service. Our team provides landscape debris removal in addition to all of our other great services.


The Best Landscape Debris Removal and Tree Removal Service Anywhere!

Removing debris and lawn clippings from your yard can be a serious undertaking. For many people in South Florida, just taking the first step and finding the time for such a project can feel seemingly impossible, and that’s BEFORE you actually get out there and start getting your hands dirty.


If you’re lucky enough to find the time, you can’t forget that you’ll have to secure a method of transport for the piles of debris that you collect while cleaning up your landscaping, and then find somewhere to transport the waste.


Depending on the circumstances your property, the yard waste could be more than what your garbage pickup or trash removal service will be willing to deal with. Dumpster rental is always an option but can be pretty costly for many residential homeowners with a moderate amount of yard waste. Fortunately, Frank’s Lawn makes debris removal and hauling very simple.


Our team will take care of everything from beginning to end. When we started thinking about what more we can offer, already providing our customers with a diverse range of landscaping services, the answer was easy. We already offer tree removal & stump grinding, are we just going to leave yard waste to clutter up the façade of our customer’s home? Don’t think so!


We will take care of your landscaping needs, and then all of the heavy lifting, loading, clearing, cleaning, and disposal, all while our customer sits back and relaxes, newly relieved of the anxieties that accompanied their yard trash horror.



Get rid of your unwanted greenery debris the smart way and consult our professionals at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today at (305) 233­-9369 or click here for more information debris removal.