Front Yard Landscaping | Yard Maintenance Miami
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Lawn Maintenance – Front Yard Landscaping

Front Yard Landscaping

Lawn Care & Shrub Control

Many homeowners often overlook professional tree and shrub care. However, you can enhance the overall health and appearance of your property while you increase its value by committing to a lawn care maintenance, and shrub control regimen.


The team at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service firmly believes that a green lawn is a greater asset than simply an aesthetically pleasing expansion of healthy grass. Maintaining your yard should additionally incorporate a commitment to preserving local lakes and rivers. This will allow future generations to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty Florida offers.


Our specialists apply minerals and nutrients to optimize landscape health. However, we do not do so haphazardly. We ensure we administer these supplements on an as-needed basis. Our trained professionals carefully analyze your property to help prevent any widespread disease or potential damage.


The team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service understand that no two landscapes are the same. Where a particular method may work optimally for one property, this solution may not ideally serve another.


When you enlist the services of our landscape contractors, you gain an ally to help you achieve lush, stunning, and enriched front yard landscaping. Our team can delve deep into our vast amount of experience as we provide numerous front yard landscaping ideas, cultivating a lawn maintenance routine that provides the right solution for your property.


A healthy lawn is important. This is not only true for your home’s aesthetics, but also as a benefit to our environment. Grass provides an extensive root system that filters rainwater before it reaches the aquifer. We ensure that any solution we implement remains sustainable, as well as environmentally sound. This keeps the environment lively and vibrant for generations to come.

Best Lawn Treatment


We offer many types of lawn maintenance services, including:



 Front Yard Landscaping

Lush and green landscape boasting vibrant plants and flowers may offer substantial visual delight. However, this is often a homeowner’s worst nightmare when it comes to landscaping. You may desire a tree for your front yard to enhance the look. Nevertheless, when it comes to maintaining this landscape, you may experience some notable difficulty.


Choosing a tree like a weeping cherry, blue spruce, or a tulip tree, as well as options like Japanese maples or crape myrtles,  will offer you a tree providing gorgeous aesthetics like pink flowers in early spring as well as a ground cover of fall leaf colors during the fall color change.


Unfortunately, these plants are also fast growing with little water, and you may discover that your cute plants or shade trees for your garden design are suddenly up to 30 feet tall, overrunning your overall garden design.


In any situation involving your beautiful landscape, regular lawn maintenance is crucial. This will help you preserve a comprehensive appeal and uniformity to your home or place of business. Your grass, in addition to flora and fauna, will constantly and consistently grow. This requires a level of perpetual attention. You can accomplish a good-looking yard with specialized supervision and professional care.

Trusted, expert professionals like our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service work harmoniously to operate within your schedules and deadlines. We can establish a regulated lawn maintenance service plan that helps you maintain your front yard landscaping in preeminent condition.

 Landscape Services

At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we believe in building long-lasting, professional relationships with each and every one of our customers. We make it our mission to deliver complete satisfaction during every interaction. Our team is comprised of experts in the field of landscape architecture, equipped with masterful skills and years of experience.


However, this proficiency is not only focused on front yard landscaping, but also on unleashing the true beauty of your yard. We can optimize the landscape design of any property. You could keep pouring money into your outdoor space, or you could give up and go with a full “scorched earth” policy.


Nonetheless, these do not represent your only options. Great front yard landscaping ideas transform your home’s curb appeal. This can drastically impact the way your home looks to visitors and friends. However, this shouldn’t hinder your ability to maintain the landscape in the end. After all, what good is a gorgeous lawn once it begins to overgrow your ability to care for it?

Do not allow your yard to overgrow you, or lose its natural beauty. Ensure your maintenance stays up to date by contacting one of our professional representatives from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today. Call our team at (305) 233-9369 to schedule an appointment. Our knowledge, in combination with the best landscape ideas, can help you achieve the gorgeous front yard landscaping you always wanted.