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Here’s Why You Should Get Rid of That Ugly Stump

stump removal tips

Here’s Why You Should Get Rid of That Ugly Stump

Always Remove Stumps from Your Yard

Trees represent beautiful, as well as essential property assets. Unfortunately, they may also succumb to a wide variety of ailments. These might include disease, drought, wind damage, and lightning strikes. When trees experience significant damage or die, you need swift tree removal.

However, many property owners will only remove the primary part of the tree. This will leave behind a stump. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to share some information about why leaving a stump behind might remain a bad idea. We hope that the following stump removal tips motivate readers to get rid of unseemly and potentially harmful tree stumps.

A Tree Stump is an Ugly Landscape Asset

This first one probably seems obvious. The best reason to remove a stump is to improve the overall look of your lawn. While you may get used to a tree stump residing in your yard, others may see this as a nuisance. Nevertheless, the first of our stump removal tips is avoiding tree stump Stockholm syndrome. Get that tree stump out of your yard!

Tree Stumps Pose a Danger in Your Yard

While adult friends, family, and visitors may easily navigate around tree stumps, you may still be inviting incident to happen if you leave one in your yard. It is only a matter of time before a child or pet cannot see the stump and runs right into it.

Tree stumps decay over time. Not only does this create a problem for children to injure themselves while near the stump, but they may also become unstable or easily attract small vermin and invasive insects.

Tree Stumps Could Ultimately Lead to More Tree Stumps!

If you leave a tree stump on your property, over time, you may notice new sprouts popping up around it. You might additionally discover that these sprouts remain exceptionally difficult to eliminate over time. The sprouts will inevitably grow into small trees, and you could waste more money removing the spouts than simply removing the stump in the first place.

Improve Your Lawn Maintenance Regiment by Removing Your Stump Right Away

Each time you mow your lawn with a stump in place, you must figure a way to maneuver around the eyesore. You will also need to conduct regular maintenance to ensure weeds cannot grow around it.

Tree Stump Removal Tips with Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Many stump removal tips exist that can help you rid your property of unseemly tree stumps. One way to do this is by utilizing household materials like boiling water or bleach. Simply drill holes into the top of the stump and fill them full of the water or bleach. However, you should take care to avoid bleach reaching any surrounding growth.

These stump removal tips will soften a tree stump, making it easy to dig out of the ground. Of course, you could always enlist a professional team like our landscaping experts from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service.

We commit to helping homeowners in the South Florida community make their yards look best all year long. This includes offering tree stump removal tips and putting these suggestions into action for a safe and beautiful landscape.

Don’t let your yard outgrow you, or wait for an unfortunate incident to take place. Contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service for more information on our stump removal tips, or to enlist our professional team for landscaping services.