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#FixItWithFrank: 5 Tips to Make Your Commercial Space Fall Ready

Fall Lawn Care Tips

#FixItWithFrank: 5 Tips to Make Your Commercial Space Fall Ready

Fall Lawn Care Tips for an Irresistible Commercial Landscape

Lawn care in Florida is different from anywhere else in the United States. We don’t share the same seasonal changes as our fellow Americans to the north. We experience substantially more humidity than more arid areas out west, like California and New Mexico.

Nonetheless, as fall sets in, residents and businesses alike must start thinking about their landscape and prepare for the cooler temperatures winter brings. Ultimately, this planning will help greenery look its best in the fall and get it ready to burst with spring beauty once the cooler temperatures subside.

When it comes to your landscaping needs, our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to share our favorite fall lawn care tips. We want to ensure your commercial space looks terrific through the fall as the sunny South Florida summer draws to a close.


Remove Leaves

Florida doesn’t experience the extensive color changes and falling leaves as some of the more cinematic or picturesque regions of northern and midwestern America. Nevertheless, some leaves will still inevitably fall, creating a canopy that can block light, as well as trap moisture.

When leaves fall or blow onto your commercial space, it is essential to rake them away as soon as possible. Even once trees become bare, wind may still pile leaves up. Without removing them, the grass under the soggy decay will likely die by springtime.


Put the Mower Away

There is no need to store the mower away for the winter season just yet. However, you won’t need to trim the yard of your commercial space as often in the fall. As soon as you feel the temperature drop a bit from the normal relentless Florida heat, it is time to scale back the mowing.

South Florida provides virtually year-long heat. Regardless, grass growth will still slow during fall and winter. Mowing the grass too frequently can destroy any cool-weather progress. Similarly, you should adjust mower blades to a higher level to avoid chopping up the grass.


Avoid too Much Water

Over-watering is something we don’t worry much about in Florida when it comes to our grass. After all, in the spring and summer here, our lawn craves water due to the high heat.

Florida remains well-known for seemingly constant sunshine and balmy humidity. Still, the temperature numbers will drop in the fall and wintertime. This drop means that we don’t need to water quite as much or as frequently.

Watering too much even in mild Florida winters can potentially freeze up roots. The good news is that your commercial lawn will provide fall lawn care tips of its own. Walking on it and feeling the grass can offer a plentiful amount of information to determine what it needs.

A commercial lawn should look green and feel bouncy beneath your feet. With the right amount of effort, you can cultivate an attractive, elegant space for visitors, employees, and clients alike.


Manage Weeds

Just like any other time of year, combatting weeds remains crucially important to a beautiful landscape. These invaders sap crucial vitamins and nutrients, as well as moisture from plants, trees, and grass.

Weeding your commercial landscape before the wintertime can help you get a head start in controlling weeds. Weeding also lessens the chance that they may return come springtime.


Aeration and Mulch

Fall is the ideal time to aerate your commercial landscape. By aerating the lawn, this enables the maximum amount of sun, oxygen, and moisture as possible to reach the roots.

When the soil becomes too dry, aerators cannot properly pierce the hard surface. For this reason, the best way to aerate the lawn is by waiting for a moist part of the day (something we have plenty of even during the South Florida fall).

Mulching helps to protect trees and other plants adorning the landscape. However, to keep bark and stems from rotting, keep the mulch a few inches away from the base of trees and plants.

Fall Lawn Care Tips for Your Commercial Space from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Fall Lawn Care TipsPreparing a commercial landscape is not all that different from residential lawn care. With some time and effort, South Floridians can plan for the fall and winter. Nevertheless, Florida remains a bit different with some unique considerations to make aside from freezing temperatures.

To learn more about these fall lawn care tips and helping your commercial space look its best all year round, contact our dedicated and professional experts from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today!