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Tree Shaping

Tree Shaping

Local Landscaping

Unruly greenery may require more attention than a simply trimming procedure. At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we provide quality tree shaping at competitive prices. Our customers often feel amazed by the transformation in their landscape.


Our team can turn overgrown and ugly trees into masterpieces. Frank’s Lawn hires more than the typical tree trimers. Our arborists are artists, arriving with clippers in hand. These individuals are ready to turn your unkempt landscape into an appealing display that will leave a lasting impression on any visitor.


Instead of cutting down unnecessary branches, or removing a tree altogether, our team tames your greenery, considering how we shape trees as an art form. The Franks Lawn & Tree Service artists tame your greenery, unleashing a beauty hidden beneath the mess of woody plants.


Over the years, our company cultivated a method utilizing numerous different approaches in the art of tree shaping. We carefully determined which produced the best results for our customers, and the ones that achieved the desired shape and elegance. Each method requires skillful precision that only master arborists can offer.


Tree Services

This easy tree service allows for crown raising., Crown raising represents an excellent method to trim trees that may obscure the view of traffic signs, or interfere with the structural design. This instant tree shaping method prunes low-lying branches that we can remove without damaging the overall tree structure.


This will allow mature trees, young trees, as well as shrubs to maintain their height while making space around the specified area. Similarly, crown reduction removes any unwanted branches and roots around the live wood. The method reduces its size while retaining the core structure.


Shaping growing trees not only benefits their appearance but additionally eliminates any potential safety hazards. Weak or dead branches may prove predisposed to collapse at any given moment. Large tree branches may weigh several pounds. This cultivates an environment where they could crash to the ground and seriously harm an innocent passerby as it falls from a great height.


A tree might also obstruct the view of drivers on your street and around your property. This may lead to frequently occurring accidents. As a property owner, you can easily prevent this situation, as well as injuries or mishaps by creating a regular schedule with a tree shaper. We accomplish this on even the largest trees through gradual tree shaping. This enables our professionals to remove a large tree safely and effectively while minimizing risk.


When a specialist performed your tree pruning and shaping correctly, this results in safe, healthy, and beautiful living trees. A certified tree artist wields training to understand precisely when your trees need pruning and why. Nevertheless, they also possess skills at properly pruning trees with optimal pruning techniques. Additionally, pruning serves as an ideal, proper method of growing your greenery.


DIY Tree Pruning is Never Worth the Risks

However, if you try to do this yourself or hire a friend that is unsure of what to do, it might represent a prudent idea to enlist a professional tree pruning service. Although the task may seem easy at first, the truth is that DIY tree pruning is often dangerous, difficult, as well as costly.


Considering chainsaws, ladders, and handsaws, as well as heights and manual labor and it is easy to see why tree pruning imparts an extremely high injury rate. These figures only factor in professional tree pruning, not including the injury occurrences for amateurs.


Tree pruning requires using sharp tools at substantially elevated heights. For this reason, the process additionally necessitates special safety precautions, unavailable to the average homeowner. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service equips themselves with the proper tools and safety equipment to shape and prune trees effectively, and safely. This might include safety harnesses, heavy equipment, and professional ladders.


Trees require regular, professional shaping to maintain optimal health. Trees that do not receive proper pruning often demonstrate weaknesses, and therefore impart common hazards. In many cases, even a strong wind may blow down branches and even the entire tree when inadequately pruned.


This is a significant issue, especially in the South Florida area that experiences frequent tropical storm and hurricane situations. Trees left to bloom without proper pruning or shaping may appear deformed and, ugly, in addition to severely weakened. This is due to an increased chance for the greenery to develop disease and rot.


Tree Shaping from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Ultimately, enlisting a qualified, experienced, and professional arborist do this work for you will protect you, your home, your family, and your landscape.


We do not advise that amateurs attempt trimming methods on their own. Any small miscalculation could lead to serious, irrevocable damage to their landscape. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to help you properly maintain your trees, ensuring that you remain safe for the long haul.


While your efforts may remain well-intentioned, DIY tree pruning without understanding the gravitas of engaging in this endeavor will likely only compromise your tree’s health. Attempting pruning on your own may additionally create future safety risks down the road.


Our team wants to help you ensure a safe and healthy tree on your landscape for many years to come. You can play catch with your kids, or host the next get-together with family and friends. All this guilt-free concerning the condition of your landscape.


For more information on tree shaping, or for a free estimate, partner with certified arborists you can depend on. Entrust us to bring your landscape vision to life by contacting Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today at (305) 233-9369!