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Use Your Christmas Tree as Mulch!

Christmas tree mulch

Use Your Christmas Tree as Mulch!

Put Your Christmas Tree to Work After the Holiday Season!

It is easy to begin to feel a bit melancholy when tossing out a beautiful Christmas tree. However, there’s no reason to feel down if you are putting a tree to good use with these Christmas tree recycling ideas.

Our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to share some of the benefits of using a holiday staple to cultivate useful Christmas tree mulch. Read on to learn more about one of our favorite ways to put a Christmas tree to good use with our Miami Christmas tree disposal suggestions from the best lawn service company around.

What is Mulch? How Does it Benefit a Landscape?

Mulch is essentially any material that we spread or lay over the surface of the soil as a covering. We can rely on mulch to retain soil moisture, suppress weed growth, and an especially valuable benefit of mulch in South Florida is that it keeps the soil cool! Furthermore, Christmas tree mulch can help a garden bed look it’s absolute best.

Mulch is a landscaper’s best friend. Thick layers of mulch can provide a lawn or garden with everything it needs to grow its best. It can help prevent soil from drying out while simultaneously providing a plethora of nutrients and maintain soil temperatures depending on the time of year.

However, several factors can contribute to the necessary mulch replacement. For the majority of landscaping and planting applications, mulch will last around five years. Nonetheless, this timeframe may decrease depending on the type of mulch utilized, weather conditions, rainfall, sun exposure, and other environmental conditions.

Miami Christmas Tree Disposal – Turn Your Old Tree into Christmas Tree Mulch

Any experienced gardener or landscaper understands how important mulch is for their area. With Christmas tree mulch, evergreen branches can provide some extra protection against the elements.

Gardeners can lay Christmas tree branches in a crisscrossed pattern over the most tender plants in the area. Furthermore, weaving stems together can keep these from blowing away on the windiest days.

Similar to other mulch types, Christmas tree mulch with branches and leaves helps to moderate soil temperatures, including seemingly drastic fluctuations. In South Florida, mulching keeps everything nice and cool until the time comes where the landscape could use a little heat. Additionally, branches remain rigid, helping to avoid compaction when leaves and other debris fall on the landscape.

Finally, homeowners may choose to utilize pine needles and bark to cover muddy paths, using the rest of the Christmas tree in composting for a fertile soil that can further stimulate growth and flourishing in a garden.

The Benefits of Christmas Tree Mulch | Best Lawn Service Company | Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Christmas tree mulchWhen the holidays are over, it is certainly time to take down the tinsel and ornaments. Nevertheless, don’t bag up your tree. You can utilize the needles, boughs, and trunk to do far more than simply look good, holding up beautiful ornaments.


Christmas tree recycling can serve as an important component in helping your lawn or garden after a holiday celebration is over. Still wondering what else to do with that old Christmas tree after the holidays? Reach out to Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service to help your landscape look great during any time of the year!