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5 Uses for Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays

composting in Miami

5 Uses for Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays

Greener Alternatives to Throwing Out Your Christmas Tree

The New Year is upon us, and as we sit looking at our Christmas tree in all of its glory, it may begin to look a little bit sad. The gifts no longer remain, and the tree is probably looking a little bare. This is the time when we start thinking about taking the tree down.

Unfortunately, this also means we must decide precisely what to do with the old tree. Your friends from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service want to share some of our ideas concerning what you can do with your old tree.

For years, people took their trees out to the curb for trash pickup. However, in our modern, environmentally-conscious society, many people look towards green alternatives to throwing the old tree in the trash.

From using your old tree as a fish habitat to composting in Miami, our team hopes the following information outlines some practical options that you can utilize to get rid of that old, seemingly useless Christmas tree.

Reuse, Recycle

Don’t discard your old tree in with the rest of the waste. You can provide an old Christmas tree with new life through the wonder that is recycling!

Many homeowners will reuse their old tree as mulch that works great on most plants by removing the needles. You can also shred the branches for a heavier and better-rounded mulch. Taking your tree to a local recycling center is another fantastic option, enabling you to dispose of your tree in an environmentally sound fashion.

Use the Old Tree for Firewood

You can ensure that your tree continues keeping spirits bright by converting its yuletide use into firewood long after the holiday is over. Nothing quite says winter like gathering with a group of family or friends around a fire. Just make sure that the tree wood is dry before chucking it into the flames. Also, this may seem obvious, but don’t forget to remove any ornaments or tinsel!

Turn that Old Tree into Rich, Useful Compost

Use your old Christmas tree as a nutrient-rich supplement for your garden soil. Creating a layer of branches could serve as the best possible base for a new pile of compost. This layer enables airflow to reach the bottom of the pile. The branches will then break down over time.

Simply trim the branches down to fit inside a compost bin. Then you can stack them in a layer that is four to six inches high. Once you get them in the compost pile, you can begin adding compostable material. Composting in Miami not only recycles your old tree for a new use but will benefit your landscape as well!

Edge Your Pathways and Adorn Your Flowerbeds

If composting in Miami doesn’t seem like it is your thing, you can chop up the old tree into small discs and use them as lining for flower beds and walkways. Some people even utilize the old, small branches to edge their pathways. This adds visual interest to your landscape, resulting in your lawn smelling like Christmas all year long.

Composting in Miami and Other Green Alternatives for Your Old Christmas Tree with Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Although our team cannot help you tear down your Christmas decorations, we can certainly help you with the recycling process. With our landscaping services, we can help you find an ideal use for your tree including using it for composting in Miami.

For more information on composting in Miami and other Christmas tree removal and disposal tips, contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today!