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Can Christmas Lights Harm Trees?

holiday outdoor landscaping

Can Christmas Lights Harm Trees?

Hanging Lights on Your Outdoor Landscaping

Driving around to different neighborhoods to check out their decorated homes and outdoor landscaping remains a favorite pastime of the team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service. Although Christmas lights remain stunning and beautiful for countless viewers, they may pose a threat to your landscape!

For most homeowners, their lawn and landscaping represent a substantial investment when you consider installation, implementation, as well as investment. For this reason, it is important to think about how Christmas lights and decorations could damage outdoor landscaping. It’s important that you ensure that you install and remove lights timely and in a correct fashion to protect your investment.

Protecting Your Outdoor Landscaping

The first step to ensuring your holiday decorations don’t adversely affect your outdoor landscaping is inspecting your holiday lights. Make sure that you purchase and utilize outdoor-rated lights that remain safe for outdoor use. This ensures that these lights can withstand the elements. For those up north, this means snow, and in the South Florida area, we remain more concerned about deluges of rain.

Inspect lights for frayed wires and other damage that could represent a fire hazard. If your decorations pass the test, follow any manufacturer directions concerning the number of lights you can chain together. Straying from these instructions can also result in fire concerns due to system overloads, shorts, and other electrical issues.

As you wrap lights around tree trunks, branches, etc., do not wrap too tightly. This can damage your outdoor landscaping by impairing the vascular system that delivers nutrients throughout the plant. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service recommends taking down lights no more than three to four months after the installation as not to damage wrapped greenery.

Alternatively, you must not install the lights too loosely either. Rainstorms and wind can blow Christmas lights loose. As a result, they may rub bark off trees or fly around the neighborhood wreaking havoc.

So long as you properly install undamaged Christmas lights designed for outdoor use, this should lead to no damage to your outdoor landscaping. After all, approximately 3,000 incidents occur per year derivative of holiday light installations.

Tips on Installing Christmas Lights on Your Outdoor Landscape Safely | Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Maintaining outdoor landscaping is a full-time, year-round job, and Christmas is no exception. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you keep your plants healthy during the warmer Florida seasons, ensuring they remain prepared for holiday decorations.

Christmas lights can make your home and property look festive and inviting for the holidays. Nonetheless, we all possess a tendency in our warm, beautiful climate to leave them up a little too long afterward.

It takes a bit of work to make sure that trees and shrubs look their best next spring after installing holiday decorations. However, with some effort, it’s all worth it in the end. The best method is engaging in some reverse engineering on the lights. Start removing the last string of lights that you placed on your outdoor landscaping.

Our landscaping experts love the Christmas season. While we may not experience feet of snow like our friends in northern climates, this does not absolve Floridians from taking care of their outdoor landscaping, even during the holidays.

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For more information on how Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you with outdoor landscaping any time of year, contact our professional team today!