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Stump Removal Cost

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Stump Removal Cost

Stump Removal Cost

Stump Removal Cost

Removing a tree stump is extremely demanding work. This is especially true when the tree embodies a staple on your property for many years. Tree stump removal cost depends on the tree’s location, soil condition, and numerous other factors.

Avoid the hassle and risk or possibility of danger by hiring a professional from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service to take care of removing the stump.

Our experienced team provides the tools and experience to grind small stumps and large stumps. We also haul away the debris from your yard. This helps save you money, removing everything in a timely, easy process while leaving your yard clean and looking better than ever!



With our wealth of experience, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service handles massive projects, often cleaning out land for new developments. What represents a challenge for some less competent teams, Frank’s Lawn accomplishes with ease.

We understand follow effective procedures while working harmoniously with our clients is important. For this reason, we involve you in every step of the decision-making process. This congenial relationship cuts down on the average cost for your home improvement projects.



Stump and tree removal is about far more than chopping at the bark. Our stump grinding services necessitate a process encompassing various steps. This procedure ensures that stump removing in your yard goes smoothly.

Our team is trained to understand the fundamentals separating different trees and their families. Our arborists know effective methods to extract each one. A stump grinder is not always the optimal method to remove a tree depending on the type and unique properties regarding these lawn fixtures.

A tree existing on a property for many years likely features an extensive root system. These roots span far underground beyond where the naked eye can see. It is crucial that any tree removal procedure is concluded properly to avoid property damage, or worse.

Tree stumps and logs, as well as debris, etc. CAN lead to safety issues. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you ensure safety to your visitors and passersby at your home or business.

There is no need to enlist the services of a buddy, or someone who thinks they know landscaping. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service provides expert service at an affordable price to residents all across Miami, and also throughout South Florida.

Tree or stump removal could also potentially require permitting. Local laws prevent individuals from removing trees in excess, as well as unqualified or unlicensed individuals from profiting while your safety and your family’s safety as well.

When you enlist Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we take care of this situation on your behalf. Our team acquires any and all necessary permits for every job. This removes the hassle off of your shoulders, additionally saving you time and money during your landscape renovation project.



Need a stump ground or tree removed? Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service provides this, and so much more regarding landscaping services in the South Florida area!

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is a licensed and insured stump grinding and tree removal company in the Miami area. We service customers and clients throughout South Florida. Our team’s goal is to get the job done for our clients, safely, as well as effectively.

Do you need a stump in your yard removed? Is this stump resulting in your yard’s unpleasing or unappealing aesthetic? There is no reason to put up with this any longer. We can step in and remove the stump from your yard, and ensure the cleanup afterward is complete!

Maintaining your yard, however, is about so much more than aesthetic appeal. Imagine playing catch out in the yard and experiencing an unfortunate injury because you tripped over that troublesome stump.

Our team can step in and remove the burdensome eyesore that is your unwanted tree or stump. We then take it one step further, ensuring your yard is free from any aftermath. This includes any stump or tree debris is disposed of effectively and properly.

We understand first impressions, knowing their importance. Frank’s Lawn wants to help you make a good one for your next initial meeting. Our certified team can make your dream of possessing a clean and elegant lawn a reality.

For more information on our tree and stump removal services, contact Frank’s Lawn and Tree Service today!


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