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New Year, New Lawn; Here’s How to Prep Your Lawn For The New Year

residential landscape maintenance

New Year, New Lawn; Here’s How to Prep Your Lawn For The New Year

New Year’s Lawn Preparation

In Florida, our landscape doesn’t suffer from the enduring winter season like many other areas of the country. Nevertheless, healthy grass is an amazing gift that several homeowners take for granted. There isn’t anything that compares to spending time with family and friends on a beautiful, lush expanse of greenery. Our lawns provide a way we can appreciate nature without ever leaving our property.

Although we all remain encouraged to take advantage of everything nature has to offer us, it is vital to give back to your landscape to ensure it stays healthy and vibrant. The winter in Florida may be short-lived with a new season on the horizon, but all this means is that it’s time to start thinking about ways you can upgrade your residential landscape maintenance for the new year.

Your lawn’s overall health depends on how you care for it. Consider giving your lawn the gift of a residential landscape maintenance treatment this holiday season to enhance your turf for 2019. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you cultivate a lawn maintenance plan that will help you achieve the landscape you’ve always wanted by incorporating the following:

Proper Mowing

A common misconception regarding ideal residential landscape maintenance is that lawn mowing is purely for the aesthetic. This practice is critical and can drastically affect the overall health of your lawn.

The best way to trim a lawn is by trimming no more than one-third of the leaf blade per cutting. The longer the grass blades, the deeper their root system. This enables the grass to absorb nutrients and water for optimal growth easily.

Watering Your Grass with the Right Amount, at the Right Time

Watering is another essential practice that greatly affects overall lawn health. Just like mowing, watering contributes to the health and development of a deep root system. Most grass requires approximately one inch of water per week for optimal health.

Watering your lawn properly involves delivering this amount with deep, heavy watering. However, you must also make sure that you disperse water evenly throughout the lawn to cover it all.

Aerating Your Greenery

No lawn grows its best without healthy soil. Soil serves as the foundation for overall plant health, playing a vital role in how the turf receives nutrients. Many homeowners experience hard or impacted soil. As a result, their grass often suffers from nutrient deficiencies, becoming thin and weed infested.

Proper aeration of your greenery can solve this problem as a frequently overlooked service. This is a critical practice that helps to alleviate compacted soil by pulling soil cores from the turf. By aerating your lawn as a part of residential landscape maintenance, your lawn can experience improved air, water, and nutrient penetration.

Residential Landscape Maintenance with Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you prepare your lawn for 2019 with a comprehensive residential landscape maintenance program. Through the careful treatment of your greenery, we can ensure that your landscape looks it’s absolute best following the holiday season.

With a little bit of care that your grass needs, nature will certainly reciprocate. Think about the coming spring breezes and gorgeous South Florida weather while visualizing how you can give back to your yard. After a short time, your family and friends can certainly enjoy your yard as the weather gets warmer.

For more information on residential landscape maintenance, contact the professional team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today!