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How to Maintain Your Landscape When the Temperatures Start to Drop

winter front yard landscaping

How to Maintain Your Landscape When the Temperatures Start to Drop

Front Yard Landscaping this Winter

Lawn care is something South Florida residents typically think about during the spring and summer. However, if you want your lawn to look attractive and healthy throughout the year, some care during the colder seasons remains necessary.

Winter is often destructive to many lawns in the Sunshine State. For this reason, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service has some precautions to share. Even when it gets cold, there are many things to do that will ensure your front yard landscaping remains protected.

By committing to a comprehensive care regimen, you may discover that your lawn looks even more beautiful in the springtime when we start experiencing sunshine and showers once again!

Keep Your Property Clean

Many Floridians can’t take even the slightest temperature drop. They may tend to forget about their lawn the second the winds pick up, and the temperatures fall beneath the low 80s. While we may remain tempted to turn on Netflix and stay indoors during the colder seasons, it is essential to remove any debris from our yards.

If you forget a palm frond or log during your last front yard landscaping procedure, the may create dead spots in the yard when it starts to warm up again. Grass in these spots may remain thinner or stunted compared to the surrounding grass in your yard.

You can avoid these ugly spots in your front yard landscaping by ensuring your property remains clear of any objects or debris when the first cold snap hits.

A Well-Trimmed Lawn is a Happy Lawn

As summer turns to fall, you should cut your grass progressively shorter every time you mow. The last time should reflect the shortest your cut your grass before the winter season.

Many homeowners think that keeping grass taller is a prudent idea to maintain front yard landscaping health. However, field mice, rodents, and other pests may see this as an opportunity to move in and hibernate. These circumstances create dead spots and damage your grass. By trimming grass, you avoid pests nesting and feeding on your lush expanse of greenery.

No One Wants a Grubby Lawn

Lawn grubs represent another pest that can ruin an otherwise beautiful South Florida lawn. These beetle larvae burrow under the ground to feed on grass roots. Their feeding frenzies are known for doing a substantial job at killing areas of your lawn.

In the late fall and early winter, they will tunnel into the soil and spend the entire winter chowing down on your grass. To stop them, ensure you spray for these grubs before the winter begins. With a few short treatments, you can rest assured that your beautiful grass remains grub-free throughout the winter season.

Front Yard Landscaping during the Cold Season from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

One of the best ways you can maintain your front yard landscaping all year long is by working with a professional landscaping team. With the right equipment, knowledge, and experience, our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can maintain your landscape no matter the time of year.

Proper preventative measures remain vital to help your landscape look its absolute best throughout the year. Through these methods, quality care can help you prevent the colder temperatures from directly or indirectly imparting any damage to your front yard landscaping as the winds turn cold.

For more information on how our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you this fall and winter, contact us today!