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The Key to Lawn Maintenance is Knowing When to Top or Trim

Tree Topping

The Key to Lawn Maintenance is Knowing When to Top or Trim

What is the Difference Between Tree Topping and Tree Trimming?

At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, our clients often ask our specialists to “just lop the top off” to reduce the overall size of their trees. While this common practice called tree topping is a great way to recreate the “Whomping Willow” look from Harry Potter, it is actually quite harmful to most trees and plants.

What’s the difference between tree trimming and topping anyway? Well to put it plainly, when you severely cut away at a tree to decrease its size, this is topping the tree. When you take the necessary time to cut and prune the tree carefully, this is tree trimming. Topping typically leads to permanent damage to a tree while trimming enables greenery to continuously thrive.

Why Is Tree Topping So Detrimental? What Are the Benefits of Tree Trimming?

When homeowners elect to top their trees, this removes many branches. Unfortunately, this also means that the tree can literally starve to death. Drastic cuttings upset the careful, natural balance between a tree’s food supply, i.e., the roots, and its lush, leafy crown.

Tree’s require a significant lead surface that enables them to intake both light and carbon dioxide. As a result, this produces sufficient food for the tree’s branches, roots, and trunk. By choosing tree topping over tree trimming, this decreases a massive portion of the tree’s ability to make food. Additionally, this cuts into the tree’s energy reserves as well.

The good news is that a tried and true alternative to topping trees exists. You can healthily trim your trees and shape them safely for an aesthetically pleasing look. Nevertheless, tree trimming isn’t all about looks. Proper trimming and pruning provide the tree an opportunity to grow correctly and with vigor.

Tree topping essentially requires no skill. However, pruning and shaping a tree properly often necessitates intervention from a professional with experience and knowledge regarding optimal plant health and physiology.

Nonetheless, in spite of the detrimental effects that topping trees imparts, many companies still rely on this method to resize greenery. To properly protect your trees, as well as your landscape, do the research and find a professional arborist with the knowledge and training to get the job done right the first time.

Tree Trimming from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Tree ToppingIf you are currently considering tree topping to reduce the size of your trees, STOP! A professional arborist possesses the necessary skill and knowledge to offer you advice on the best course of action for your trees.

All tree species and types require unique maintaining to optimally grow. This is where a professional landscaping and tree trimming team and step in and mean the difference between a lush, healthy tree, and potential danger on your property.


Every homeowner will eventually deal with a tree they need to decrease in size. However, this does not mean that topping the tree is the only option. Although this method can help decrease the tree’s size, it will do so at an extensive cost in the long-term.

To get your trees trimmed or pruned right, enlist the services of a qualified, professional team. Contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today and turn your tree maintenance services over to the experts today!