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February is the Best Time to Prune Your Trees

pruning trees in Miami

February is the Best Time to Prune Your Trees

Pruning Trees in Miami this February

February represents the perfect time for some “winter” pruning in the South Florida area. This is the time when your garden and landscape is at its most dormant period. For this reason, get ready for pruning trees in Miami, at least the ones you couldn’t get done during autumn.

February qualifies as late winter, and the good news is that you don’t need to rush out during the Super Bowl to get this done. You can spend the time devising a plan and work on pruning trees in Miami throughout the month.

The key is getting this done before new growth can begin with the coming of March. After all, nothing is much worse in landscaping that trying to prune lush and youthful growth off of a plant in the spring season.

Late-Winter is the Ideal Time for Tree and Shrub Pruning

Properly pruning trees in Miami is a landscape practice that enhances the overall health and aesthetic of your trees and shrubs. During the wintertime, most plants remain dormant. The good news is that many of the diseases and insects that could potentially invade pruning cuts also remain dormant as well.

Once the leaves fall off of plants, it is very easy to see a plant’s overall form and structure. You can additionally pinpoint damaged or diseased branches far easier without foliage obscuring your view. Pruning trees in Miami during the late wintertime may also leave them with extra root and energy reserves. This enables them to heal wounds while supporting vigorous spring growth quickly.

Nevertheless, if observing springtime flower, you may want to consider waiting to prune these plants a short time after blooming. Pruning trees in Miami before the end of winter will never adversely affect their health. However, it can reduce these blooms when spring arrives.

Why Do Your Trees Need Pruning?

The most common reason many homeowners will prune their plants is size reduction and maintenance. Other causes may include removing dead, damaged, or diseased branches, as well as increasing the plant’s flowers or fruit.

Most people will utilize two basic techniques when pruning trees in Miami, thinning, and heading back. Thinning involves removing entire branches back to the next branch on the main trunk. When making thinning cuts, ensure that you don’t cut very near the trunk or you may slow down the overall healing process. This also increases infection risks.

Heading back involves shortening the length of the branch back to a bud, or the next side branch. Don’t leave stubs behind as they can later invite pests and disease to move in and attack healthy material.

Nevertheless, normal pruning means simply cutting a plant back by about 1/3rd. When you need more drastic downsizing, the smart move is cutting back by this length in February before doing the rest the following winter season.

This is very helpful when cutting it back to the desired point may make the plant look bare. However, even drastic pruning will not kill a plant. You must wait longer for it to return to its best appearance.

Pruning Trees in Miami with Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Our South Florida landscaping team commits to helping individuals maintain their plants and trees regardless of the time of year. With our professional expertise, you can ensure your yard looks your best throughout the winter and into the spring season.

For more information on pruning trees in Miami with Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, contact our team today!