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The Do’s and Don’ts of Mowing Your Lawn in the Winter

preparing your lawn for the winter

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mowing Your Lawn in the Winter

Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter Weather

Even in a warm climate like South Florida, it isn’t uncommon for our landscaping to fall by the wayside as temperatures begin to drop. We may not contend with snow-covered, frosted ground like our friends in the north, but many Floridians abstain from spending time outside when the climates reach the sub-50’s.

The chances are that you’ve already stowed your mower to enjoy the break from outdoor landscaping until the spring season comes around again. However, preparing your lawn for the winter will help it stay healthy and strong for a seamless transition into spring.

Unfortunately, if you don’t commit to this before the cold befalls your landscape, it may suffer from dead grass or overgrown weeds. Don’t let your lawn outgrow you. To maintain your yard throughout the winter, preparation and monitoring remain crucial. Keep your lawn hydrated, fertilized, as well as trimmed with these Frank’s Lawn tips for preparing your lawn for the winter.

Don’t Wait for the Cold, Mow Your Lawn Now!

Cold weather can cause grass to become dormant. This means it won’t likely grow until warm weather returns. In the north, this takes place during the initial winter frosts. However, Florida still gets just cold enough to experience this dormancy.

Cutting your grass during the dormant period may result in damage to the lawn due to the dropping temperatures. Properly preparing your lawn for the winter involves trimming the grass before the cold, and before you put your mower in the shed until springtime.

Weed Throughout the Winter

Homeowners often consider weeding an issue during the warmer months. Nevertheless, some weeds can withstand cold weather and continue harming grass during the winter as well. Winter is the germination period for many weed species.

Dandelions, cloves, and thistles can quickly overrun your landscape, competing for limited nutrients and resources. The best step towards preparing your lawn for the winter is to remove unwanted weeds at first sight when your lawn remains moist and soft.

Don’t Walk on Your Grass

This one seems like an easy one with Floridians primarily staying indoors when things get cold. However, when walking from the car to the home, or out to the mailbox, ensure you keep the foot traffic on your grass to a minimum. Continuous foot traffic can lead to bare spots and compaction by the time the weather gets warm again. Avoid damaging grass by sticking to paved walkways.

Fertilize Your Lawn

All living entities need to eat before hibernation, and grass is no exception. By applying fertilizer at the end of fall while preparing your lawn for the winter will keep your greenery fed all winter long. The grass is often short during this time. This enables the fertilizer’s nutrients to seep into the soil easily.

Furthermore, aerate your soil to alleviate potential compaction and make room for the fertilizer. Evenly distribute the fertilizer throughout the lawn. Over-fertilization may result in substantial damage as the salt content builds upon the surface of the landscape.

Get Help Preparing Your Lawn for the Winter with Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Our team at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you experience your best expanse of greenery all year long! Enlist our services to help you prepare your lawn for the colder months and enter the spring season with a gorgeous landscape.

For more information on how our team can help you with preparing your lawn for the winter, contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today!