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When is the Best Time to Trim Your Trees?

professional tree trimming services

When is the Best Time to Trim Your Trees?

Make Sure Your Trees Look Their Best This Holiday Season!

Many people in Florida think that late Spring and Summer represent the ideal time to plant or prune. However, these individuals are wrong, for most plants anyway. The best time of year for tree trimming is actually in the winter.

Many plants and trees shed their leaves before the arrival of the cold. Without these old leaves in place, it is much easier and more efficient to analyze precisely where to cut. Many plant species additionally enter a dormancy phase during the cold season.

This hibernation period provides enough time between Winter and Spring to recover, growing back thicker and lusher than ever. Pests and potential diseases also remain less active during the colder months. This leaves your greenery with a decreased risk of attack and inevitable damage.

Your friends from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service want to help you achieve your best looking landscape with some of the best tips for tree pruning. Of course, we also can extend or preeminent lawn care and landscaping package, including professional tree trimming services for the best possible results.

Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Can’t hold it Back Anymore!

Professional tree trimming services during winter can help them optimally rejuvenate as they become stronger and more beautiful. Pruning also represents the best way to reduce plant size or direct growth where you want to. Tree trimming additionally helps you increase the safety of other plants in your landscape by pruning dead or dying areas.

Nonetheless, ensure that you don’t prune plants demonstrating any sign of blooming. For plants and shrubs that bloom early in the spring, and even during late winter, this will expose them to unneeded stress. As a result of premature pruning, they may not bloom until the following season.

Excess is Often Opposed by Nature

Before you begin tree pruning, disinfect your cutting tools. If the tools wield any residue from poisonous chemicals, this may damage plants as well.

Most trees or shrubs won’t suffer if you take more off than you should. However, when inexperienced people start cutting trees, they typically do so excessively. As a result, the landscape may impart an oddly naked appearance. This certainly won’t add any beauty to your little slice of green heaven.

The better course of action is always enlisting professional tree trimming services to take care of this task. Even pruning, not enough will produce a better result. This way, you can take a few steps back while objectively assessing the situation.

Professional Tree Trimming Services from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

The cold season is the best possible time to prepare your landscape for the next growing season. Remember these tips and stay safe. The most important part is to have fun while you start pruning your plants.

Furthermore, you can always enlist Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service for professional tree trimming services and landscaping maintenance during any time of year. We take pride in helping our clients ensure their landscape always looks it’s absolute best.

To learn more about our maintenance packages including landscape maintenance and professional tree trimming services in the South Florida area, contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today!