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5 Spring Gardening Tips Every Professional Lawn Keeper Knows

Spring garden tips

5 Spring Gardening Tips Every Professional Lawn Keeper Knows

Pro Spring Gardening Tips from the Best Lawn Care Professionals Around

February is in the rearview mirror, and by now the birds are certainly chirping, and the sun is shining nice and warm in the sky. This can only mean one thing, spring is near, and it is time to start prepping our lawns for fresh warm-weather growth.

After the cold season, your plants likely remain hungry, as well as weak. For this reason, it is time to start some spring gardening tips for the new season’s bloom. The good news is that you’ve found the right place and the best lawn care professionals around from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to share our pro spring gardening tips for success!

Spring Gardening Tips

Clean Your Garden, Wake up Your Plants with the Rake

Spring represents a happy time when you can start anew. For this reason, you won’t want to find your garden dirty and unprepared as the weather grows warm again. By cleaning out your garden, you remove potentially harmful debris from the area. This can block fertilizer from ever reaching the soil. You won’t want these nutrients that can help your plants to go to waste.

Fertilize? Revitalize!

Professional lawn service specialists will typically recommend applying fertilizer amongst their spring garden tips. This is particularly helpful with frosts that can alter soil’s chemical pH balance. A pH test can determine if the soil is ready for new and accelerated growth throughout the spring and into the summer.

Soil may also remain dried out or packed after winter. Now is the time to introduce some moisture along with an organic fertilizer like compost or manure.

Your Garden is Only as Good as It’s Last Trim

Large plants, trees, and shrubs do an excellent job of offering your garden character. Get them looking their absolute best by trimming them back a bit. This will prepare the greenery for another growth burst as the temperature heats up.

Nevertheless, it remains essential to wait until plants begin flowering to avoid trimming seed-bearing branches. For this reason, Frank’s Lawn recommends enlisting professional experts that can avoid any potential guesswork.

Flowers are Beautiful, but Mulch Sets the Foundation for Beauty to Grow

We mentioned before about ridding the garden of any debris. However, if leaves aren’t too thick, consider mulching this debris back into the garden. Nonetheless, ensure you don’t administer too much cover that could hamper growth and blossoming plants.

One to three inches of mulch can help prevent diseases, as well as retain moisture in the garden. Keep the mulch away from plant stems to mitigate the risk of root rot.

Spring is a Time for New Beginnings

Potentially the most important of our spring garden tips, everyone’s favorite part of spring gardening is new plants! Once you whip that old garden into shape, turn your attention towards implementing new plants.

We recommend leaning heavier on perennials as opposed to installing annuals. This is because you will need to replace annuals every year. Unfortunately, this may add up to a fairly substantial investment that dies off every year. While annuals require replacement with a new year, perennials last two to three years and additionally survive colder temperatures.

Spring Garden Tips from the Professionals at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

It is very easy to see that you possess a notable list of tasks to accomplish while preparing a garden for the springtime. Our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service resides amongst the best companies in South Florida. We always advise our clients to abstain from making risky decisions.

Simply follow these spring garden tips from our expert team, and you can ensure your readiness for new and fresh growth in spring and summer. To learn more about spring gardening from true expert professionals, contact Frank’s Lawn today!