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3 Tips to Create Fall Compost with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Fall Compost

3 Tips to Create Fall Compost with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Creating Compost from Your Thanksgiving Food Scraps

Most people feel that Thanksgiving leftovers belong in the fridge. While we can’t argue with the delicious viability of a Turkey Day leftover sandwich, you can put some of your unwanted food scraps like plate scrapings and turkey bones to good use.

A substantial amount of food goes to waste in the United States, let alone on the primary eating day in the country. Thanksgiving remains a celebration of family, football, and togetherness, as well as food. Nevertheless, it remains important to consider the amount of food we might waste on this holiday.

For this reason, our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to share some of our favorite tips to help you utilize your unwanted food leftovers in a fall compost pile. Read on to learn more.

Cooking for Compost – Preparing a Sustainable Thanksgiving

Creating compost from a Thanksgiving feast begins with menu preparation. The recipes you choose should reflect fresh ingredients always, however, you can also choose meals that boast optimal compostability.

Most home compost piles will feature vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, eggshells, grains, and many more staple Thanksgiving leftovers we simply cast aside during the holiday season. For an additional boost, you can save some leftover potato cubes, Brussel sprouts, onion peels, and any other vegetable scraps that can cultivate a hearty fall compost stock.

An Easy Homemade Receptacle for Creating Compost

Designate something in your home as a compost bin. Small garbage bins work just fine. You can also choose something as simple as a thick cardboard box. Make some holes in the side and dump your leftover food scraps inside.

Simply roll it around and alternate food layers with newspapers and other papers. You can even rely on dry leaves in the yard. By springtime, this fall compost will represent the best food for your greenery. You could also give it to a neighbor to help them grow their lawn or garden.

The Best Thanksgiving Leftovers for Your Compost Pile

We don’t mean to imply you should dispose of all your virtually uneaten turkey or sides after the celebration is over. When we talk creating compost, this means food scraps like soggy vegetables, cranberry sauce, all the green stuff chock full of nutrients.

Not only is this an ideal way to stop mold and other smelly invasions from stinking up your house, this keeps your refrigerator clean and organized while also returning crucial vitamins and nutrients to the soil that help plants thrive!

Information on Using Your Thanksgiving Leftovers in a Fall Compost Pile from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Fall CompostCreating compost utilizing your food scraps will help reduce a notable amount of food waste that occurs on a global scale each year. Although eating Thanksgiving leftovers represents one of the favorite parts about the holiday for many Americans, some unwanted food can go to good use: feeding your lawn and garden.

Composting may seem difficult but, this is an easy way to minimize food waste and help out plant growth as well. The aforementioned content only touches on everything to know regarding fall compost, but this is a good start to help reduce food waste and optimize your Thanksgiving meal this fall!

For more information on compost and what you can do to help your lawn and garden, contact our dedicated professionals from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today!