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10 Flowers That You Can Plant in The Summer

Summer Flowers for South Florida

10 Flowers That You Can Plant in The Summer

South Florida’s Summer Flowers

Summertime is here again! Though, many Floridians might suggest that the season never really left at all. For many gardeners, the spring season comes and goes without the common indicators that our friends in the north experience.

Although the northern parts of the United States must take the time to prepare and then recover from snow, frost, and cold snaps, South Florida gardeners experience unique plant problems all their own.

We’re talking about HEAT! It is hot and muggy outside. So hot in fact, that even some short time away from our gardens can mean a full pest invasion or the death of our beautiful tropical plants.

If you care to brave the heat while getting out there to ensure your garden looks it’s absolute best, our team from Frank’s Lawn and Tree Service has a list of our best summer flowers for South Florida that remain capable of withstanding the summer sun!


These bright and beautiful summer flowers for South Florida represent an easy-to-grow addition to any garden. Even in South Florida, marigolds bloom reliably all summer long, thriving in the hot Floridian sun.

An additional bonus, these plants naturally repel insects. For this reason, they just might serve as the perfect addition to that herb garden you’re working on!


This is a version of the Black-Eyed Susan flower that thrives in the Southern Part of the United States. A relatively common wildflower, it reseeds itself after its first season. You can some gorgeous color to your garden with bright yellow petals that bloom from June until August.

One of the best summer flowers for South Florida, Rudbeckia is an awesome addition for gardeners without much time to dedicate to their landscape. All you need is two things that Florida wields in spades: full sun, as well as sandy soil!

Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower or echinacea purpurea Is a native plant in the state of Florida. These summer flowers for South Florida grow up to three feet tall with daisy-like, pinkish-purple flowers with orange, spiky, and centralized cones.

Purple Queen

Gaining its name from its purple leaves and lavender flowers, this plant will serve your garden best as groundcover as a container plant. This elegant flower will introduce some color into your garden and thrives in full sun to part shade.


Pretty and dependable, these semi-tropical summer flowers for South Florida will stay in bloom for quite some time. Hummingbirds will flock to your outdoor space seeking their nectar-filled flowers.


Lantana is an exceptionally easy groundcover plant to grow. It blooms and flourishes in the South Florida heat, requiring very little care once established. Butterflies and hummingbirds alike remain attracted to the delicious lantana nectar.


This is a favorite warm season summer flower for South Florida gardeners. Their flowers will stay open all day before closing up and packing it in for the night. These plants grow ideally in planters located in hot and sunny areas.


Sunflowers reside in the minds and hearts of people all across the United States. They stand up well to the summertime heat and humidity in Florida, blooming in as little as 53 days for an unmistakable look!


These summer flowers for South Florida bloom in only 85 days. They will germinate optimally when the soil is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, making them an excellent solution for shady Florida plant boxes.


Also known as Johnny Jump-Ups, these edible summer flowers for South Florida remain exceptionally easy to grow throughout the Florida warmth. Keep your soil temperatures in the low 70s and you can munch down on these pretty flowers in no time at all!

The Best, Thriving Summer Flowers for South Florida from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Summer Flowers for South FloridaWe hope that you enjoyed our list of the best summer flowers for South Florida. By planting these drought-tolerant (some even flourish in the hot climate!) you can enjoy a colorful, pleasing, low-maintenance landscape.

To learn more about planting or maintaining these awesome South Floridian additions, contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today!