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Frank' Lawn and Tree Services INC, specializes on tree stump removal in Miami. Read more to learn about us and get a quote
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Tree Stump Removal Cost in Miami

Tree Stump Removal Cost in Miami

Tree Stump Removal Cost in Miami

Removing a tree, especially one that has served as a staple on your property for many years, can represent an extremely demanding procedure. Not to mention, if the tree is especially large, you may experience serious injury or significant damage to your property.


Avoid the hassle and possible danger by allowing our professionals at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service to take care of the tree. Our experienced tree removal and stump grinding company in Miami has the right tools and supplies we need to make the process quick and simple. Not to mention our Tree Stump Removal Cost in Miami is incomparable to any other.



Over the years, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service team has taken on massive projects. This often involves clearing out land for new developments. What may reflect a challenge for a less competent team comes as a breeze to our prepared experts. We understand the importance of following effective procedures and including our customers in the decision making every step of the way.


Tree Service in Miami is not a task to entrust to just another individual. Many times, these efforts require special licensure, in addition to unique equipment. With these in hand, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service shows up ready-to-work no matter the job.



Tree removal is more than simply chopping at a bark. Our Stump Grinding Services require a process with various steps, each equally as important as the last. This ensures the removal will run smoothly. Our qualified arborists possess unique training and education that helps them understand the fundamentals of different kinds of trees. This includes the most effective way to extract each one.


Larger trees that resided on a property for many years will display roots that span much further underground than the naked eye can see. Although you may make the best effort to remove the tree properly, the root system can remain.


In this instance, the tree remnants could still pull crucial resources that other parts of your lawn or garden depend on for their own wellbeing. For this reason, it is crucial that an expert tree service and stump grinding company in Miami performs the process. When they can operate and complete the task correctly, this mitigates and may even avoid property damage risks.



Oftentimes, removing a tree requires a permit. Most municipalities will typically impose laws to prevent individuals or businesses from removing trees in excess. You may not know where to begin in obtaining this permit, but when you are working with our professionals at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we take care of all the paperwork on your behalf.


We will oversee that each alteration made to your property remains entirely lawful to avoid any complications in the future. You could enlist a friend or another company to remove the tree. Unfortunately, they may not wield what they need to act lawfully, as well as efficiently while accomplishing the task.



Once we remove your trees, our experts grind the stumps utilizing specialized equipment in order to skillfully rid your land of any trace of preexisting trees. Completely removing a stump can often seem next to impossible, but our experts don’t give up that easily. We provide the best possible stump grinding services.


Leaving a stu can invite unwanted pests into a yard. As the tree remnants continue to decay, fungus, weeds, and invasive insects can then call the remaining stump home. Removing the stump with a professional stump grinding company in Miami like Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is crucial for the best possible outcome.


After years of experience in the industry, we have developed effective methods that function in almost every situation. Our team remains the ideal solution for not only removing trees but handling the potentially invasive risks that stumps and their root systems can impose.



Have your trees removed the right way by a team of driven professionals. With our professional stump grinding company in Miami, you can leave any landscaping task up to the professionals. We commit to taking care of everything in your yard, enabling you to rest at ease knowing your tree and stump removal resides in the hands of qualified, licensed, and insured professionals.

To learn more about tree removal in South Florida, contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today at (305) 233­-9369 for your free estimate!