Tree Shaping Near Kendall | Tree Service
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Tree Shapes for Your Yard!

Tree Shaping

Tree Shaping Near Kendall

Local Landscaping

Unruly greenery may require a bit more attention than simple trimming. At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we offer quality Tree Shaping Near Kendall at competitive prices. Past customers have been amazed at the transformations our certified arborists have managed to perform. What was once an overgrown, unappealing tree was made into a natural masterpiece. Our team is composed of artists with a pair of clippers, ready to turn your unkempt trees into a visually appealing display that will leave a lasting impression on all your guests or customers.

Rather than cut down unnecessary branches or remove the tree altogether, allow our experts at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service to tame your greenery and unleash the beauty hidden beneath the disarray. Over the years, we have utilized different tree shaping methods, carefully determining which have wreaked the best results amongst our customers. Each require skillful precision that can only be achieved by arborists who are masters at their craft.


Tree Services

Crown raising is a great method to trim trees that are obscuring the view of traffic signs or interfering with a structural design. This method prunes low­lying branches that can be removed without damaging the overall structure of the tree. This allows the tree to maintain its height while making space around the specified area. Similarly, crown reduction removes unwanted branches around the entire tree, reducing its size while keeping a core structure.

Shaping is not only beneficial to the appearance of the tree, it also eliminates any safety hazards that may be present. Weak or dead branches are prone to collapsing at any given moment and crashing to the ground. The branches of a large tree can weigh several pounds and seriously harm an innocent passerby when it falls from a great height. Trees can also obstruct the view of drivers, causing accidents to occur. As a property owner, you can easily prevent these forms of injuries and mishaps from occurring by creating a regular schedule for Tree Shaping Near Kendall.


Tree Sculpting

It is not advised that amateurs attempt any of these trimming methods on their own, as any small miscalculation could cause serious, irreversible damage to their greenery.

For Tree Shaping Near Kendall contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service at (305) 233-­9369 today to receive a free estimate and partner with certified arborists you can trust to bring your landscape vision to life.