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Tree Relocation

About This Project

Tree Relocation Services

Is there a tree or shrub on your property that you need to move to a different area or location altogether? This often represents a challenging ordeal for homeowners. However, it is not impossible, especially when the experts at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service take on the job.


Our team takes special care to ensure that the subject plant is properly prepared before beginning the procedure. This includes evaluating the locations for any limitations, in addition to root pruning.


Tree relocation can prove extremely helpful in a variety of circumstances. While making additions or renovations to an estate, tree relocation may serve necessary in order to make additional room for new structures.


If you own a business, a collection of trees or bushes might also block the area where you want to place additional parking or construct a new facility. Perhaps, you need to relocate your business, but don’t want to leave a favorite tree or plant behind.


No matter the individual situation, our dedicated experts can help you map out an optimal course of action.


Tree Relocating

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service represents the best South Florida tree transplanting resource. Our Miami area tree care specialists perform all the proper steps to safely relocate any sized trees. We specialize in removal, transport, relocation, and installation of large trees.


We perform this process without causing any damage to the tree, or your property. South Florida trees often need relocation and removal due to construction reasons. This is a great time to remove, relocate, or adopt a tree for your own personal use.


Trees provide us with shade during the hot summer seasons, as well as block harsh winter winds. They additionally offer us curb appeal while easily increasing the value of your property. Nature helps us in numerous ways each and every day.


There is no reason to kill a healthy, beautiful tree that grew on your property over many years. You can rest easier relocating the tree while helping the environment and saving the tree’s life. Save your trees from unfortunate, needless destruction by enlisting Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service.


Instead of removing and killing a tree, we relocate them to a safe, natural environment. This increases your home’s curb appeal, while additionally supplementing its value. Don’t destroy a tree due to its unwanted presence in a location on your property. Alternatively, relocate any size tree to another area on your landscape.


We can transport, relocate, and install the tree without damaging your lawn’s aesthetic. Our company also cleans up any debris. This ensures your lawn is left clean, adorned with only the provided beauty from your trees.


Migrate your Trees Efficiently

When it comes to moving large and moderate-sized trees, many companies do not wield the necessary experience. However, our technicians boast everything they need to apply in order to get the job done.


Depending on your tree size, type, as well as the soil condition, this will help our team determine the ideal place for relocation. Another factor you should take into consideration is the time of year. Different climates and species work harmoniously together for a perfectly healthy environment.


With our relocation services, we ensure our customers know their special natural fixtures reside in good hands.


In addition to relocating health South Florida trees, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service holds ourselves to the highest standard of great workmanship for an affordable price. We offer our clients several programs custom tailored to their specific needs.


These plans protect your trees as well as shrubs while enhancing their aesthetic. We also recommend selections to best suit your needs. Our specialists possess extensive training to recognize potential, in addition to existing problems. We work to control them before they get out of hand.


Free Landscaping Estimate

Careless tree relocation can result in serious damage to your land, and also the plants themselves. To avoid unwanted repairs after the fact, prevent tree destruction altogether by working with a company you can trust.


Our goal is to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied by the end of each project. Careful planning and skillful execution. This means you will not encounter any unexpected complications, regardless of the tree size or job difficulty.


You love your trees, but sometimes a plant is better suited in another location elsewhere. A plant may outgrow the space in which it is rooted, or maybe you plan to move elsewhere and need to bring a special tree along with you.


No matter where you need to transport it, our team implements a careful plan to ensure an optimal outcome. This includes implementation of pest management as well as fertilization after relocation.


Trees sometimes need up to 2 years of transition growth before becoming fully reestablished. Most trees relocate well, assuming that it is afforded this proper allotment time to fertilize, root prune, and establish a proper root ball.


Similar to people, trees vary in appearance, traits, background, and location. No matter if a tree receives daily attention from passersby, or special treatment from a lawn care service like Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, all trees matter.


Make the right decision and leave the handiwork to the pros while showing how much your trees matter to you. Get your greenery relocated by the trusted individuals from our company today and contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service at (305) 233-9369. You can also click here to make an appointment.