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Landscape Debris Removal

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About This Project

Debris Clean Up

As a resident in South Florida, you likely possess extensive hands-on experience with the destruction wrought by the hurricanes and tropical storms our area frequently experiences. When one of these storms hit, they pull plants from the ground, tear bushes apart, and ruin flower beds.


Cleaning up the debris from your property after a tropical storm or hurricane can take weeks, often requiring more manpower than you can access. At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we provide landscape debris removal amongst our other fantastic services.


Getting your business back on track, or returning your home a state of repair after a serious storm is both stressful, as well as challenging. By allowing our professionals to step in and help you clean up the mess and destruction, you will experience one less thing to worry about in your daily life.


Our team has access to the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that the cleanup process is quick, efficient, and seamless. Our fleet of radio dispatched trucks is always prepared to answer onsite calls and haul away any unwanted debris. With some hard work and focus, your property will return to normal in virtually no time at all.


Yard waste takes numerous forms. Did a recent storm leave massive tree branches strewn about your landscape? Has a recent gardening or landscaping project resulted in dirt or debris everywhere?


Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service offers South Florida residents a safe, eco-friendly yard waste removal service. With our expert services, there is no need to worry about pickup or disposal of your yard debris.


Local Junk Removal

If your estate suffers damages and is cluttered with wreckage after a storm, complete restoration could take months without the assistance of capable professionals. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service take care of removing debris, including:


  • Fallen tree branches
  • Uprooted plants
  • Destroyed fencing
  • Grass clipping
  • Demolished lumber


Debris removal does not only prove useful after a storm. While making changes and performing renovation to your business or estate, it is important to utilize a reliable cleanup resource to dispose of any unwanted waste.


Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service specializes in quick, effective, and dependable debris removal. We will discuss your removal options and schedule a day we can perform the cleanup that works for you. If you require regular debris removal, we can work out a regular service that meets your needs.


Yard Waste Disposal Benefits

Concerning the environment, numerous laws experienced transformation throughout the years. In many HMAs and even in municipalities you can’t leave garbage bags full of leaves and yard trash for ordinary trash pickup. Some state-imposed regulations even prevent yard waste from landfill locations.


This creates a difficult situation for many homeowners when they need to dispose of their yard waste. Additionally, leaves, grass clippings, twigs, mulch, branches, and other yard debris can pile up in front of sewers.


As a result, unnecessary nutrients flow into lakes and streams, contaminating our water supply. This situation also exacerbates problems concerning water runoff. What can you do to prevent this? Enlist the services of a reliable landscaping company to process this landscape debris.


Our team is happy to recycle your leaves and other yard debris. For many homeowners, this exercise poses too much of a chore. With our responsible landscape debris removal service, we can remove the debris, turning it into useful mulch and compost.


By recycling or disposing of this waste, no useful nutrients go to waste. When we recycle landscape debris, this helps protect and sustain the environment while assisting your landscape as a part of the process!


Yard Cleanup Services

We get it, life can often get in the way of regular lawn maintenance. As a result, your once beautiful lawn can quickly resemble something out of the film Jumanji. This is where our expert team steps in. We will clean your yard from top to bottom while bringing the landscape back to a beautiful state.


Your landscape serves as the face of your home or business and our team is here to haul away any unwanted landscape debris. Our landscape debris removal service will help you keep your property looking its absolute best.


Regardless if you need a singular cleanup or a regularly scheduled service, we custom-tailor our solutions to suit your needs. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service provides:


  • Reliable weekly pickups for standard landscape debris management.
  • Flexible collection scheduling for seasonal, or special projects.
  • Safe, efficient removal of grass clippings, leaves, in addition to tree debris.


Look to Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service to assist with your landscape debris clean up. Our team makes this procedure essentially effortless! We work with you to determine the most appropriate pickup schedule, depending on your location and landscaping output.


As your landscaping needs fluctuate, our team will additionally serve your needs to adapt to this situation as well. Get rid of your unwanted debris the smart way and consult our professionals at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service for Debris Clean Up at (305) 233-9369 or click here for more contact information.


We understand that landscape debris clean up is a tedious, time-consuming task. It is becoming much harder to discover disposal sites that accept yard waste. Nonetheless, you cannot hide this trash in a garbage bag without risking a hefty fine. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can provide the solutions you need!