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Local Landscaping in Country Walk

Local Landscaping in Country Walk

Keeping up the appearance of your yard can be a hassle. Not everyone wants to dedicate their days off to mowing the lawn or watering their plants every day. However, unless you live in an apartment building, it’s a chore that is unavoidable for many. When faced with the workload, many people either give up and live with an unkempt lawn or replace their lawn with the lowest-maintenance kind of plants that they can. These don’t need to be your only two options, though. Instead, you can save yourself time and effort if you hire a company to do your local landscaping in Country Walk. Here at Frank’s Lawn Service, we provide expert landscapers and arborists to ensure that your yard is always in top shape. We can even help you pursue a specific design aesthetic for your yard in a way that you might not have been able to do on your own. We can turn your yard into your own private oasis.

What Does Local Landscaping in Country Walk Entail?

When people think about local landscaping in Country Walk, they often imagine a team coming in and mowing your grass and trimming your trees. However, landscaping is about so much more than simply mowing the lawn. There are many different aspects to landscaping. Here are just a few of the things that our expert landscaping team can do for you.

1: Basic Maintenance

Though it is not all we do, basic upkeep is an aspect of what we do. Some of it is pruning and keeping a lawn mowed, but it also includes smaller cosmetic things like making sure your mulch is kept within the bounds of where you want it placed and ensuring that all the plants have the correct nutrients for optimal growth. It can also include things like removing debris or other dead or decaying plants.

2: Planting & Designing

One aspect of landscaping is actually creating the landscape in a yard. Under the direction of our expert team, you can select certain plants and a design aesthetic that turns your front yard from a chore into a place that brings you peace and joy whenever you enter it. Whatever your dream yard is, we can help you bring it to life and maintain it to the best of our ability.

3: Shaping Over Time

Though this might fall under the definition of basic maintenance, some companies might omit this service if people don’t know to ask for it. Plants grow over time and can occasionally grow in ways that you don’t want or expect. A shadow from your house might cause a tree to grow most of its leaves on one side, or a strangler fig that you didn’t know to be cautious of might choke another tree out of existence. Simply planting and trimming plants isn’t enough to keep them beautiful. Instead, there are many plants that take years of time and careful pruning to create the kind of shape and effect that you want. There are certain plants that can take over your yard if you aren’t careful as well. For example, the showy plumeria trees often take years of careful pruning and fertilizing before they grow the kinds of foliage and flowers that make for a lovely statement in your yard.

What Kind Of Local Landscaping in Country Walk Is Right for Me?

Local landscaping in Country Walk can seem a bit daunting. After all, unlike places farther north, South Floridians have to deal with three hundred and sixty-five days of landscaping rather than only a few months in the spring and summer. Not only that, but at first glance, it can feel like the landscaping themes that people go for seem haphazard and mostly centered around a few shrubs and a neatly mowed lawn. With the right direction, though, a well-landscaped lawn can be so much more than that. South Florida has the unique feature of being able to support a huge variety of plants from both tropical and non-tropical climates. This kind of variety means that there are nearly infinite possibilities. Here are a few ideas for your future lawn!

Tropical Landscapes

This is one of the most popular trends in local landscaping in Country Walk and surrounding areas. With both local palm trees and the lush jungle plants that can thrive here, you can create a virtual garden of eden full of exotic birds-of-paradise studded with palm trees and wide-leafed elephant ear plants.

Traditional Landscapes

If you prefer a more manicured look, a traditional landscape might be right for you. This look is achieved by pairing closely-cropped grass with manicured trees and artfully shaped hedges. Though it takes quite a bit of maintenance, it can lend an elegant and peaceful air to a yard.

Cottage Landscapes

For those of you who want something a little more low-maintenance, a cottage landscape could be your dream yard! This is usually done by planting a wide variety of slightly shaggier shrublike plants, preferably ones that attract butterflies. However, don’t let the wilder look of this landscape deceive you — it still takes quite a bit of upkeep to make sure that your shrubs have all the right nutrients to flower at the appropriate times. With the right technique, you could have flowers all year round!

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