Lawn Watering Guide | Frank's Lawn & Tree Service
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Lawn Watering Guide

It’s Summertime in Florida and Time to Give Your Lawn a Drink!

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is a homegrown Florida company and understands the challenges and tribulations that can accompany landscaping and maintenance in high-temperature conditions. Quenching your lawn’s thirst while maintaining the overall health of your lawn and landscape can depend on precisely how much you water.

Many homeowners have several questions related to lawn watering: How much should I water? How Long? What time of day is the best to water? Considering these questions, there are some watering tips and efficient practices that help not only with the conservation of water, but also propagate a healthy environment surrounding your home.

How Often Should My Lawn be Watered?

Most lawns only require water every two or three days, but there are some important factors to consider such as soil type and other external factors that can affect a watering regimen. Certain grass types may need more frequent watering, especially if in direct sunlight, and during the summer season. Extending the amount of time that you water can also help, as long as longer, deeper watering that drives roots further into the soil where more nutrients and water are available.

How Can it be Determined if my Lawn is too Dry?

One of the first signs that become apparent when a lawn is too dry, is grass blades with a purple tinge to them. You may also begin to notice when walking through the lawn, the grass blades will show shoe or foot prints without the blades springing back up. Lawns may also begin to brown in certain areas, and are a clearly obvious sign of a lack of adequate water.

Common areas where you can begin to see some signs of stress is on the edges near walks or driveways. If you begin to see these signs, use a hose to manually water the specific problem areas, as opposed to running your entire system to water the entire lawn.

Will Adjusting my Mowing Height Help me Save Water?

Shortening the cutting height of your mower will help your grass require less water, and the lawn will have a deeper, richer green coloring. It is also important to leave 2/3 of the cur grass blade as well, as the mulch helps to cool down grass and retain moisture within the soil. Maintaining a crisp and clean cut of a lawn can also help prevent a browned appearance.

Lawn Maintenance and Watering with Frank’s Lawn Care

We have confidence that these tips can help you save water while maintaining your healthy lawn simultaneously. If you’re ready to begin proactivity in treating your lawn and making it healthful, and beautiful. Frank’s Lawn is here to assist you in South Florida. For more information on how we can help, contact us for a free estimate and a custom tailored approach to lawn care.