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Weed Control

Front Yard Landscaping

One of the primary goals of lawn care is to defend against potential weed infestation. Weeds move in and propagate, stealing resources and nutrients meant for your grass. One singular dandelion weed can produce up to 15,000 seeds. Its easy to see how weeds can spread, expanding rapidly and taking over your lawn in no time at all.

The best defense in combating weed infestation is to grow a thick and healthy lawn. By growing a dense, healthful lawn, it stuffs out the room that weeds need to move in and take root. As part of a regular lawn maintenance plan, it is important to make sure you are fertilizing regularly while maintaining an appropriate amount of water in the soil. Dry soil can it make it easier for weeds to take root. Lastly, by keeping a higher level of grass, you can help weeds from reaching the weed seedlings.

If you begin to see weed stems creeping into your yard, be proactive in removing them as soon as possible. Hand weeding a lawn when the weeds are still in their beginning phases and haven’t begun to seed can be an efficient way of stopping lawn weeds.

Weed Control with Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

A watering regimen, accompanied by the use of fertilizers, and standard lawn care can help to prevent weeds from appearing, or spreading if they have already begun to become apparent in your yard. Treating your lawn preemergence and postemergence can all be helpful in stopping weeds from taking over your beautiful lawn.

If you are having trouble with weeds in your lawn, considering enlisting the weed experts from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service in the South Florida area. Regardless of the stage of weeds, we can cultivate a custom solution, and rid your lawn of unseemly weeds. For more information on how we might be able to help your yard, contact our professional weed removal experts today!