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How Often Should You Be Watering Your Greenery?

Water Lawn System

How Often Should You Be Watering Your Greenery?

Water Lawn System

A typical lawn care regimen uses slightly different techniques than the rest of the United State. While other areas endure different varying seasons that drastically change in climate, we maintain virtually the same temperatures all year long.

What this means is that although we may still reside in the winter months with some accompanying cold days, the sun is still blazing. As a result, lawns need increased hydration and attention.

With some tips on the perfect water lawn system from Frank’s Lawn and Tree Service, you can master your land in no time at all

High temperatures persist in South Florida throughout the year. This can cause difficulties for plants to thrive off of their typical amounts of water. Evaporation takes place more consistently, leading to a necessity where property owners should water more consistently.

However, it is important to not overwater your greenery either. Overwatering can result in the death of plants and grass just as much as under watering the landscape.

Best Way to Water Your Lawn

Our team is comprised of professionals who wield years of experience in the fields of lawn maintenance as well as care. Advice from experts is incredibly helpful since they possess firsthand experience in the field.

After working on numerous property types in South Florida, our team is thoroughly knowledgeable on how to optimally help tropical plants thrive.

Do you plan on installing a watering system? You can save money on your water bill by installing a timer to water during opportune moments. It can also help when you travel and are away from your home for extended periods of time.

Before you install a watering system, decide on the best type of watering that adequate suits your landscape. For example, sprinkle systems exist with various installation methods. Some designed boast external watering properties, whereas others reside internally.

The drip technique is an additional, alternative choice for anyone searching for a water lawn system in a specific area. This method enables you to send water along a sealed hose until it gets to the areas where your greenery is located.

However, in cities equipped with plentiful rain, this method is potentially obsolete. Finding an adequate irrigation system is a process that requires extensive time and attention. It could take some time before you find one that best suits your lawn’s needs.

Lawn Watering FAQs

What seasons should I water my lawn?

Generally, the cooler and wetter conditions that accompany spring and fall maintain your turf in pristine condition. Homeowners do not often require supplementary watering for their lawns.

Nevertheless, the program from Frank’s Lawn and Tree Service is designed to specifically minimize watering as not to overwater, while still maintaining your landscape. If you want the greenest lawn on your block all season long, enlist our services today!

What is the best way to water my lawn?

Most specialists agree that the best method to water your lawn is to soak the grass and wait. This method involves deep watering, soaking the ground at 6 to 8 inches. Then, you wait some time to allow the ground to take in the water and dry before re-watering. This method promotes deep root establishment and therefore healthy, long-lasting grass.

What time of day is best to water my grass?

The best time to employ a watering regimen is the early morning hours. Optimal watering time is generally between 5 and 10 am. The morning provides cooler temperatures and as a result, less chance of evaporation. This is the most efficient time for lawn watering.

Lawn Services vs. Automatic Sprinklers

First and foremost, an automatic sprinkler system is expensive. The price of these systems average between three and four thousand dollars. There is also an additional charge to turn them on and test them during the spring months, as well as prepare them for the winter.

Automated sprinkler systems additionally use plentiful amounts of water. This effectively drives up your water bill. It is not uncommon for homeowners to forget about these systems once they program them. They will run all season long, several times each week regardless if the grass needs water or not.

We provide services in irrigation management to help you conserve water. For those without sprinkler systems, we water your landscape when it needs it most, and ONLY when it is needed. With Frank’s Lawn and Tree Service, your lawn can look its best, no matter what season it is.

Our technicians take the time to observe and analyze your lawn on a schedule that best suits your needs. We will make adjustments based on this information, in addition to what we know about the upcoming weather.

Yard Irrigation System

Experiencing difficulties with maintaining your landscape? Your lawn may look unappealing, and in South Florida, a brown, patchy lawn is not uncommon. There is no need to return home to a checkered lawn anymore!

With Frank’s Lawn and Tree Service, you gain a resource bolstered by necessary experience and education to help you maintain, and optimize your landscape. Our specialist will help you maximize your grass’ potential.

Maintaining your greenery is about far more than simply its aesthetic properties. Healthy grass prevents potentially unwanted intruders like ants and other pests from entering your home. Don’t risk your home’s infestation, enlist a quality lawn service today.

Work with a team of experienced arborists you can rely on and contact Frank’s Lawn Service Inc. at (305) 233-9369 to learn more about proper Water Lawn System or click here to schedule your free estimate now!