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Tricks to Combating Some of the Most Common Weeds Here in the Sunshine State

common weeds in Florida

Tricks to Combating Some of the Most Common Weeds Here in the Sunshine State

Stop Weeds before They Start

Weed control is a significant aspect of effective lawn care, as well as maintaining a beautiful, elegant expanse of greenery. Weeds offer a big problem for many homeowners. Although these troublesome invaders may prove difficult, and resistant to your interfering efforts, this doesn’t mean that you must live with these unwanted plants.

The experts from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you with some information on common weeds in Florida as well as strategies for eliminating them.


A dandelion is a perennial weed with accompanying large yellow flowers easily dislodged if blown by the wind. In Florida, these seeds germinate throughout the fall. You can get rid of these common weeds in Florida by applying selective herbicides after the seeds germinate.


This plant is similar to a grassy weed; however, experts also consider it an annual. This plant imparts flat, yellow-green blades with sharp points. Crabgrass produces seed heads with finger-like spikes and tan or purple coloration.

Frost often kills crabgrass. Unfortunately, frost is not something we see much of in Florida. Luckily, we can control crabgrass with post-emergent treatment.


We also call this plant pennywort. Pennywort disperses itself by tubers, rhizomes, as well as seed. These common weeds in Florida possess round leaves that appear similar to an umbrella. Additionally, the weed flowers display five petals clustered on top of the plant’s long stem.

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service controls these weeds by applying post-emergent herbicides while the weeds actively grow.

Controlling Common Weeds in Florida

Weed control often seems like an impossible task. However, you can easily eliminate weeds as long as you hold your ground, and maintain a comprehensive regimen.

With summer fast approaching, numerous reasons exist that you should consider weed control for your lawn. It may not even seem like your lawn demonstrates weed propagation. Nonetheless, getting a qualified, experienced company to analyze your greenery is important.

Many weeds do not display themselves above the soil until they already infested your lawn. This can serve as a staunch detractor towards your summer plans full of pool parties, barbecues, or other get-togethers with family and friends.

If you want to achieve a healthy, green, or lush landscape, you cannot overstate weed control for your lawn. With so many common weeds in Florida, the last thing you need is an untreated lawn displaying unsightly weeds to your visitors.

Many weeds prove more difficult to manage than others and may require multiple visits or custom-tailored strategies to control them effectively. Perennial weeds often live longer than two years, and continue sprouting and growing even when you try to control them.

They additionally may survive adverse conditions and reproduce. This leads to a situation where your weeds begin to outgrow you.

Lawn Care Services in Miami

The most important step to ensuring that this does not occur is maintaining a healthy turf that can compete against possible weed encroachment. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can provide you with a variety of custom-fit lawn plans.

We design our lawn care services and weed control to help our South Florida clients promote a healthy, weed-free environment. For more information on how we can help you control common weeds in Florida contact our professional landscaping team today! Why ruin the atmosphere for your next get-together when you can call our team for a healthful lawn analysis?