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Expert Arborists All Agree These Tree Shaping Methods are THE Best!

Tree Shaping Services

Expert Arborists All Agree These Tree Shaping Methods are THE Best!

Tree Shaping Services

Trees are a perfect addition to any home, but if not properly maintained they can quickly turn into a hassle. Protruding branches and untrimmed leaves can be a distraction from the rest of your lawn, but not everyone has the time to trim their trees regularly. At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, our Tree Shaping Services will keep your yard looking its best!

A beautiful lawn makes any property stand out, and trees are a great way to make an impression on those who see your home. Whether you intend it or not, how your lawn looks affect how people think of you, so we want to make your lawn look the best it ever has.

While trees are beautiful, normal-looking ones can look boring after a while, which is why Tree Shaping Services are popular. By having the trees in your lawn look different from everyone else’s, it will be much easier for you to stand out from the rest.

If you have never shaped trees before, knowing where to start can seem difficult. Trees take years to fully grow, so messing up could end up being costly. Our team can show you the best tree shaping techniques, so you can have the lawn you have always envisioned!

Best Tree Shaping Methods

Here are 3 of the methods typically used in our Tree Shaping Services!

Instant tree shaping: Also called Arborsculpture, this method uses tree whips that are woven into a design and held there by metal bars. As the tree matures, it will create a caste and eventually stabilize the shape. This method is called instant shaping because we can produce the design right away, and everyone can see what you are trying to achieve. This method can also be used to create benches, chairs, and fences out of trees.

Gradual tree shaping: Unlike instant shaping, this method uses seeds and not tree whips. With this method, you create a frame for your tree to grow in and plant the seeds in it. As the tree matures, it will grow into the pathways and eventually become the final design. This method is cheaper than instant tree shaping but requires more time. You can also use designs which are proven to work, saving you time coming up with one yourself.

Aeroponic culture: This method exposes the roots of the tree to air, so they remain flexible and able to be shaped into any design. As the tree matures, the roots thicken while still being able to be developed into different designs. Aeroponic culture is more limited than the other methods because it requires trees which can survive with their roots exposed in the air, such as fig trees.

Tree Trimming Companies

Our team of arborists has decades of experience, so they know how to make your trees look better than ever. They are always looking at lawn care methods and techniques, so you can be confident that your yard is in expert hands.

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At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, our Tree Shaping Services will make your lawn the most beautiful on the block! By having your trees looking unique, it will give a good impression to those who see your home and even raise the value of your property! If you do not have the time to maintain your lawn, our team will be happy to do it for you.

Learn more about our lawn care services by calling us today at (305) 233-9369 or click here to request a free estimate!