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Tree Removal Service in Pinecrest

You Should Know a Few Things Before Enlisting a Tree Removal Service in Pinecrest

You look up towards the sky only to discover heavy branches hanging over the house. Unfortunately, this also means the potential for a falling limb to result in not only extensive damage to the property but potentially to a visitor on the property as well.

Damaged and dead trees remain unsightly facets of any landscape. However, in an area like South Florida, we see intense winds and lightning with our storms. This means that damaged, dead, or diseased branches remain potentially hazardous during a storm.

For this reason, many homeowners seek out a professional tree removal service in Pinecrest for their needs. To find the right professional team for your needs, you will possess many things to consider.

Our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to help by outlining some information on tree removal service in Pinecrest, in addition to what to look for from a professional arborist. Always leave this work to professionals if you do not feel comfortable taking on the job yourself.

Determine Their Credentials

It would be nice if we could trust tree removal to any buddy with a saw. However, even “professional” companies can impart a substantial amount of damage without properly trained employees.

For this reason, it remains crucial always to check your new professional tree removal company’s credentials. You will want to find a tree removal service in Pinecrest with a license. Unlicensed companies impart a “choose at your own risk” gamble that you probably won’t want to put a wager on.

Companies that don’t wield the necessary insurance credentials also represent a resource that you won’t want working anywhere near your home either. Liability insurance ensures that the if damage DOES occur, that they can cover the expenses.

Additionally, worker’s compensation insurance also protects you, as well as the tree removal service in Pinecrest by covering an injury an employee sustains while working on your property. This protection extends to a lawsuit should anything unfortunate occur while the company cuts and removes your trees.

Ask for Referrals and Obtain an Estimate

Seeking out client referrals is simply good sensible practice. Don’t hesitate to ask your potential new tree service company for references and referrals from other customers who got similar work done. Any customer remains entitled to expect how other individuals felt about the work the company performs.

It remains essential to consider that the work the company performs could potentially damage your house when done improperly. Furthermore, obtaining an estimate on the job in print will help you as well.

By getting the estimate in writing, you ensure that the company stands behind their work, with no apprehension about their work. This also shows that the tree removal service in Pinecrest isn’t out to make a quick buck with additional fees or services you don’t want.

Compare Service Offerings and Ask About Their Equipment

Some companies may charge more for services like stump grinding, and others may not offer it at all due to the lack of requisite equipment. Furthermore, a tree removal service in Pinecrest may also lack the necessary equipment to trim or remove trees above a certain height.

This is why it remains essential to thoroughly vet a tree service before signing on the dotted line. You will want to ensure that your potential new service wields everything they need to accomplish the job.

Always communicate precisely what you need to be done on the property. Some companies may refuse to take on a job entirely if they require a special type of equipment of feels out of its depth.

Tree Removal Service in Pinecrest from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

When you need trees removed on your property, this is not a task to entrust just because someone owns a chainsaw. If they get hurt or damage your property, there is no guarantee that they can cover the damage. This leaves you completely unprotected for a legal suit should an unforeseen accident occur.

Our company comes equipped with all of the necessary expertise, including licenses and certifications. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service represents the ideal solution to take care of all of your landscaping needs.

Keep your yard looking as attractive (and as safe) as possible. Maintenance from a professional tree removal service in Pinecrest can help your yard be all that it can be. To learn more, contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today!