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Tree Relocation

Tree Relocation

Tree Relocation Services

Is there a tree or shrub on your property that you would like to move to a different area or location altogether? The task can be challenging, but it is not impossible, especially when our experts at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service are on the job. Our team takes special care to ensure that the plant being relocated is properly prepared before beginning the process itself. This includes evaluating the location for any limitations and root pruning.


Tree relocation can be very helpful in a variety of instances. While making additions or renovations to an estate, the relocation of a tree may be necessary in order to make more room for new structures. If you are a business owner, a collection of trees or bushes may be blocking the area in which you would like to place additional parking or construct a new building. Perhaps you are moving to a new location and do not want to leave your favorite tree behind. Regardless of your individual situation, our dedicated experts will map out the best course of action.


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Careless tree relocation can do serious damage to your land and the plant itself. In order to avoid repair after the fact, prevent the destruction altogether by working with a company you can trust. Our goal is to ensure that each of our customers are 100% satisfied by the end of every project. Careful planning and skillful execution means that you will not encounter any unexpected complications.


Make the right decision and leave the handiwork to the pros. Have your greenery relocated by trusted individuals today and contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service at (305) 233-­9369 or click here.