Tree Health and Treatment | Franks Lawn & Tree Service
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Tree Health and Treatment

Tree Health and Treatment

Similar to the way human beings require care for their health, plants need a professional to guide their care also. Your lawn will thrive with proper monitoring and maintenance. Our team at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is comprised of tree and landscaping professionals that take their time inspecting and analyzing trees to evaluate their condition. Routine tree and landscaping inspections are vital to controlling insect infestations, as well as preventing and combating disease, and helping trees flourish in urban environments.

Our specialists will determine the core issues of tree stress, or any declination in the health of your flora. We can ensure a uniquely cultivated approach to the care of your trees. These care plans account for regional insects and diseases, the local weather, and the condition of your entire property.

Certified Tree Specialists

A good plant health regimen starts with proactivity and analyzation of your landscape. Our certified tree specialists can help develop a care plan for your property in order to find issues with your landscape before they get out of control. This helps both the greenery of your yard and to save the greenery in your wallet.

We take a holistic, horticultural approach to maintaining landscapes for all of our clients across South Florida. Frank’s Lawn utilizes a unique approach, combining visual analyzation of your property with some of the most advanced landscaping techniques. Our team identifies existing damage and potential risk-factors related to your lawn care. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service will also recommend corrective procedures for your landscaping including trimming and pruning.

With the certified tree specialists from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, you can be assured that we will deliver a safe and pleasant surrounding that is your landscape. We strive to promote the beauty of landscaping as a trusted resource for personalized landscaping care in South Florida.

For more information on regular tree and landscaping care, please contact one of our professionals today. Find out how our certified tree specialists and landscaping team may be able to help you with the maintenance of your yard.