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Three Tips to Enhance Your Commercial Landscaping

Lawn Care

Three Tips to Enhance Your Commercial Landscaping

Image is Everything

The very first thing that any visitor to your business will see is your landscape. When it comes to existing customers, as well as prospective clients, making the best first impression is crucially important. A welcoming and beautiful commercial landscape can accomplish exactly that.

People have a tendency to guess what happens on the inside by judging by appearance first. First impressions are so important, helping to set the tone for a customer’s entire initial opinion of a business.

These professional lawn care tips from our team at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you decide what areas need the most attention to enhance your commercial landscape.

Improve Your Entryway and Frontage

Plants and shrubs can make the entrance to any commercial building more obvious and welcoming. Keep color in mind and choose plantings that draw visitor eyes towards the entrance of the facility. With any luck, this gorgeous aesthetic focus will invite them to step inside.

You also won’t want any customers visiting the property to leave wondering how to get in. Take advantage of existing architecture and select plants or shrubs that highlight the entrances without overwhelming the building.

A welcoming and professionally-maintained landscape from an expert lawn service can play a significant role in boosting the first impression you make to visitors.

Selecting the Right Plantings

A good lawn service will recommend perennial and seasonal plants that can help you optimize a commercial property’s curb appeal. By taking advantage of the environment, in addition to the company’s color scheme is an excellent way to make an eye-catching impression on new visitors.

Plantings additionally create focal points on the landscape. These can help you direct visitor eyes where you want them to go. Consider the plants and their colors, as well as placement. Selecting the right plantings for your commercial property will ultimately come down to climate, architecture, and consistency of the overall landscape theme.

A commercial landscaping company can offer you professional lawn care tips while guiding you in the right direction for the best flow of visual interest on the landscape.

Keep Things on the Up and Up

When you keep your company property well-maintained, it can offer a number of distinct benefits. Properties with trimmed grass and trees, in addition to an organized look, can reduce crime, stimulate business interest, and even improve the overall health of workers.

For retail businesses, customers may want to spend more time browsing and shopping when the exterior looks nice. Trees can offer shade and relaxation areas that encourage visitors to stay and take a look around.

Nonetheless, it is easy to see why an unkempt or overgrown exterior can invite all sorts of undesirables from criminals to local pests. Ensure you keep everything on the up and up by enlisting professional lawn care that can help you keep things looking great all year long!

Lawn Service Tips to Help You Enhance Your Commercial Property from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Lawn CareIn the long run, a beautiful landscape will create a win-win situation for anyone involved. Here at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we take the time to help our clients get the most out of their existing landscapes. To learn more about professional lawn care from our team, contact us today!