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Gravel Will Transform Your Yard From Its Original Plain State Into a Thriving Luscious Landscape!

Shrub Weed Control

Gravel Will Transform Your Yard From Its Original Plain State Into a Thriving Luscious Landscape!

Shrub Weed Control

Whether you like it or not, your lawn is one of the most important features of any home. It’s the first thing guests see as they arrive, so the state of your lawn is important if you want to make a good impression. The best lawns are neat, tidy and free of weeds allowing any annuals or flowering plants to shine. At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, our team will help give your lawn the best Shrub Weed Control!

If your lawn is overgrown with weeds and tall grass, it can give off the wrong impression to your guests. Maintenance can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t have a green thumb. Our professional arborists have decades of experience and can give you the best techniques for Shrub Weed Control.

Lawn Weed Control

Gravel is becoming a more popular way to not only decorate your lawn but also for Shrub Weed Control. Here are some of the benefits it can bring to your home:

Low maintenance: Unlike grass, putting gravel on your lawn requires much less maintenance. With grass, you have to regularly water, mow, and fertilize it to keep it thriving. However, once you put gravel in your lawn it can be left alone. Every once and a while you may need to rake the rocks to evenly spread them out.

Preserves moisture: Since we live in a hotter climate, gravel is a great way to keep your other plants hydrated during high temperatures. Gravel will naturally trap moisture in the soil underneath it, which will benefit any nearby plants. This means you won’t need to water as frequently, saving you plenty of time!

Shrub Weed Control: Putting gravel on your lawn is the perfect way to naturally prevent weeds from growing. It will smother weeds before they have a chance to grow, but if one or two manage to poke their way through it will still be easier to remove them rather than de-weed the entire lawn.

Insect repellant: Mulch, wood chips, and grass all attract pesky insects to make their home in your lawn. Rather than spend money on pesticides or setting their predators loose in your lawn, gravel is a great way to fix that.

Diverse: Gravel comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, which can let you design your lawn how you like. Combine gravel with other bricks to create an elegant walkway in your lawn or backyard. If you’re trying to make your lawn stand out from the rest of the homes on the street, gravel is definitely the way to go.

Natural Weed Killer

At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, our professionals will not only help make your lawn more beautiful than ever but give you the best Shrub Weed Control! If maintaining your lawn has become too much of a hassle, gravel might be what you’re looking for!

Even if you think your lawn is too messy to ever look good again, our team can make it look brand new. From tree stump removal to plant installation, we’ll make sure everything is taken care of!

Learn more about our favorite lawn maintenance techniques by calling us today at (305) 233-9369 or click here to schedule a free estimate!