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Want to Be Landscape Ready This Spring? Learn More on Spring Want to Be Landscape Ready This Spring? Learn More on Spring Tips for Your Home LandscapeTips for Your Home Landscape?

Residential Landscape in Miami

Want to Be Landscape Ready This Spring? Learn More on Spring Want to Be Landscape Ready This Spring? Learn More on Spring Tips for Your Home LandscapeTips for Your Home Landscape?

Residential Landscape in Miami

Spring represents the ideal season to make additions to your residential landscape. Most greenery thrives during these months, encouraging both growth and change. As a homeowner, you may search for the ideal landscape design in Kendall that best fits your South Florida home as the season changes into summer. The good news is that residential landscape in Miami from the Frank’s Lawn experts can help you decide on, and implement a plan.


Spring Landscaping Plans

Fostering a proper approach to a landscaping project may prove tricky. With so many different factors to consider, you may not even know where you should begin. The team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is here to streamline this process, making it easy and simple.

Below is a list of five important tips to help you with your residential landscape in Miami this spring season:


Home projects of any kind require preplanning before fully carrying out the established vision. The best way to begin is by cleaning up the area where you plan to work. This will help you ensure that everything remains prepared and ready for a transformation.

All yards accumulate debris like fallen branches, dead leaves, as well as overgrown weeds. Doing some cleanup beforehand can make introducing new plants or other greenery that much easier.

Deciding on a Style

In the world of landscape design in Kendall, many different styles exist. Depending on your unique, individual tastes, you could choose between Mediterranean, Countryside, Asian, Western, English Formal, or Tropical landscaping amongst numerous others. These styles each incorporate specific elements that set them apart infrastructurally, in addition to aesthetically.

Planning Projects Ahead

Always take into consideration the specificities of the area where you want to work. Every piece of property possesses unique characteristics, as well as assets that can lead to unexpected setbacks. By identifying potential issues early on before a project, this can help mitigate complications as the project goes on.

Nourish Existing Greenery

Prior to making any changes or additions to your yard, it remains crucial to ensure that your soil wields the necessary nutrients that encourage plant growth. This includes supplementing the areas properly, in addition to introducing mulch where your landscape needs.

Enlist a Professional

If you want to get your plans really underway, the best idea is seeking out the help of a professional arborist that can actualize your ideas for the residential landscape in Miami. A great professional team will guide you through the process each step of the way. They’ll work diligently to ensure your landscaping vision is a reality.

Miami Lawn Care from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Residential Landscape in MiamiWorking with a team of experiences arborist that you can rely on is essential to achieving the best possible residential landscape in Miami. With a team like Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service by your side, you ensure that your yard not only looks its best but stays that way throughout any season.


Frank’s Lawn administers a multifaceted approach that incorporates lawn watering and mowing services, in addition to tree & stump removal when necessary. We also offer landscape debris removal when you would rather handle the lawn maintenance and design tasks yourself.


To learn more about what we can offer your residential landscape in Miami, contact the professional and dedicated team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service at (305)233-9369, or click here to schedule a free estimate today!