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Tired of the Same Old Looking Landscape? Give Us a Call for an Amazing New Look!

Professional Landscaping in Miami

Tired of the Same Old Looking Landscape? Give Us a Call for an Amazing New Look!

Professional Landscaping in Miami

Tired of looking out at the same old landscape each and every day? At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, our team may possess the answer you need! We provide homeowners and business proprietors professional landscaping in Miami that can help you make your home or business landscape look amazing. This can impress you, as well as any guests you invite over.

Frank’s Lawn professional landscaping services transform normal landscapes into ones that our clients feel proud of. Say goodbye to boring landscapes and hello to brand new, gorgeous expanses of greenery with preeminent landscape design!

Best Landscape Design in Miami

What Professional Landscaping Services Does Frank’s Lawn Offer?

Lawn Mowing Services – Mowing the lawn often serves as a notable hassle for many home and other property owners. This is precisely why Frank’s Lawn commits to providing this fantastic service. We can help you keep your lawn looking its absolute best. Why ensure the hassle of wasting your own time to mow your lawn when we can do it for you professionally!?

Tree Trimming – Do you wield trees on your property that remain in the way of obtaining the landscape design of your dreams? You can call on us to keep your landscape looking fresh, as well as uncrowded. Too many trees may impede its natural beauty and curb appeal. Add to the aesthetic with professional landscaping in Miami from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service!

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding – South Florida homeowners often ensure problems with trees that formerly serve as staples on their property for many years. Unfortunately, this also means that these trees likely wield expansive root systems that extend far beyond the surface of the soil.

Even after removing an unwanted tree, you may endure numerous other problems that remain best handled by a professional landscaping service. With Frank’s Lawn stump grinding and tree removal, we take care of dead, damaged, dying, and diseased trees with ease, as well as efficiency.

Landscape Debris Removal – No landscaping job is complete with a bunch of debris remaining all over an otherwise beautiful expanse of green grass and plants. Many jobs can lead to a substantial amount of natural debris that litters a beautiful yard.

This imparts a variety of obvious aesthetic consequences. However, a little-known fact is that landscape debris can actually damage a property in the long-term as well, covering up healthy grass and preventing it from getting the sunlight it needs for growth.

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service provides landscape debris removal to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Our professional team will come in and clean up the frontage at your business or home to guarantee your property always looks its best, no matter the situation.

Landscaping in Miami, Florida from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Thanks to our professional landscaping in Miami, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you transform a boring, plan landscape into a beautiful and vibrant yard. Not only will this impress you as you gaze out the windows each day, but serves as a welcoming visage for your guests as well!

Don’t let your yard outgrow you! In order to learn more about what our team can do for you, contact Frank’s Lawn today at 305-233-9369 for more information, or click here to schedule an appointment.