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Look Out For These Signs Against Palm Tree Diseases

palm tree specialist

Look Out For These Signs Against Palm Tree Diseases

Protect your Florida Palms from Fatal Diseases

If you represent one of the numerous Florida residents with palm trees adorning their landscape, your friends from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service want to provide you with some information you may find useful.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our palm tree specialist team understands the local South Florida landscape better than most. Their vast knowledge happens to include our beautiful native palm trees. Unfortunately, due to our state’s erratic and unpredictable weather, as well as poor tree care and common pests, palm trees often face numerous risks.

Palm Tree Diseases

Lethal Yellowing

This fatal disease affects numerous types of palm trees in Florida. However, the most commonly afflicted is coconut palm. The disease spreads by leafhoppers and appears with common symptoms that include blackening of the inflorescence, premature flowering, yellowing, as well as death of the mature fronds beginning from the bottom upwards.

These symptoms may occur rapidly, but a palm tree specialist can treat the condition with preventative antibiotics. If they detect the signs early, these counteractive provisions could prevent further spread and development concerning lethal yellowing.

Palm Leaf Skeletonizer

Caterpillars often feed on the upper and lower leaf surfaces of several types of palm trees in Florida and produce frass. Frass or “fibrous excrement,” ordinarily represents the first evident symptom of Palm Leaf Skeletonizer.

The tissue between the veins or ribs in the plan is the caterpillar’s frequently preferred food; however, they will additionally feed on the leaf stems as well. This damages and destroys the vascular tissue often resulting in the death of an entire leaf.


Ganoderma is an elusive palm tree disease that remains both incurable, as well as unpreventable. A palm tree specialist can only identify Ganoderma by examining the cross-section of the trunk. In Ganoderma afflicted trees, they will discover a gradual wilting, in addition to generally declining aesthetics regarding the palm tree.

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We also call this disease leaf spot or false smut. Commonly affecting date palms, an arid species susceptible to humidity and over-irrigation, this palm tree disease imparts round dark lesions. These lesions produce black fruiting bodies that rupture through the surface of the leaves. A palm tree specialist can combat this disease using manganese-based fungicides.

A Palm Tree Specialist from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service represents a leading palm tree specialist within the South Florida community. We can provide maintenance and care for numerous types of palm trees in Florida, ensuring that your palms remain healthy and beautiful. These provisions additionally help protect against the plethora of palm tree diseases affecting trees in the Sunshine State every year.

Our team strives to provide our customers with comprehensive tree and landscape services, dedicated to the preeminent health, beauty, and safety of your property. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service offers customers an optimal tree resource for a competitive price. Anyone selecting our team can obtain maximum value for this investment while ensuring their landscape looks as elegant as possible.

Palm trees require a routine maintenance regimen to protect them from palm tree diseases, as well as pests, and other nutritional deficiencies. Your palm trees represent an evolving investment. We design our service offerings specifically with protecting this investment in mind.

For more information on a palm tree specialist in the South Florida area, contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today!