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Local Landscaping in Westchester

​Local Landscaping in WestchesterEvery Yard is Unique


Having a beautiful yard is a source of pride for most people. However, few understand the amount of skill and effort it takes to maintain your landscaping year-round. 


Sure, most people are willing to put in the effort to keep their grass mowed. But, most people don’t expect the amount of work and special techniques needed to maintain the plants that thrive year-round in South Florida.


Local landscaping is the best option to create and maintain a beautiful yard year-round. 


Though you can do some of the basic gardening yourself, leaving jobs like pruning, trimming, and arranging plants are best left to experts who will make sure your yard is healthy and beautiful.


Here at Frank’s Lawn Service, we have spent a lot of time becoming experts in the unique flora and fauna of South Florida and the principles of landscaping and design. 


Here are a few of the different landscaping styles in which we specialize:


1: Tropical Landscapes

The most common of landscapes in South Florida is the tropical landscape. 


Studded with palm trees and tropical flowers, this is one of the more elaborate and beautiful landscaping styles. 


However, many of the plants in a tropical landscape are from different places and require very different levels of care. You might think that palm trees all require the same level of care, but there are a lot of palm trees that are from dense jungle areas that require deep shade and a lot of water. Popular desert plants like aloe need protection from South Florida’s intense summer rains


Tropical plants offer a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.  It takes some skill to arrange tropical plants in a complementary design where they won’t clash. When well-done, a tropical landscape evokes images of margaritas on the beach and a sense of serenity. 


However, without the proper upkeep, it is easy for certain plants to either wither or grow out of control. 


Our expert landscapers have the expertise and passion to keep your tropical local landscaping thriving. 


2: Cottage Landscapes

However, just because we live in Florida doesn’t mean that we have to stick to one kind of local landscaping! 


For something with more of a country charm, cottage landscaping could be an option for you. 


Cottage design is a look that leans towards the carefree beauty of a small garden, with a less manicured feel and lots of flowers. However, though it has a wilder feel, it takes work to maintain. 


The plants favored for cottage style landscaping are not usually native to South Florida, and therefore require a little extra maintenance to reach their full potential. 


Here at Frank’s, we also can use hardier plants to mimic and create the same cottage feeling with less maintenance.


3: Formal Landscapes

Formal landscapes are a beautiful, traditional option that is great for people who love a manicured look. 


Formal landscaping is full of manicured shrubs and carefully trimmed trees. Not a twig or leaf is out of place, which creates a very elegant aura. 


However, a formal lawn takes a lot of upkeep and maintenance. This lawn is one that is going to need at least weekly or biweekly local landscaping and upkeep. 


Our expert landscapers and arborists are ready to help keep your yard looking pristine!


4: Native Plant Landscapes

Another landscape that enjoys a lot of popularity here are yards that embrace their South Florida heritage with local plants. 


Though you can create any of the styles above with local plants, it takes the eye of an expert to see what will work best for your yard and lifestyle. Local plants come with dramatic shapes, colors, and textures that add a uniquely Floridian vibe to any style of garden that you desire. 


For example, silver buttonwoods come with beautiful, silvery color and velvety textures that could work in a cottage style yard very well. Silver buttonwoods are also trainable and could be suitable for a formal landscape as well. 


Our team is very experienced in helping you choose and maintain the right plants for your yard. 


​Local Landscaping in WestchesterOur Team is Ready to Help!

Here at Frank’s Lawn Service, we have hired and trained the best landscapers in the business. 


No matter your lifestyle, budget, or space, we can help you create and maintain the yard of your dreams.


Whether you are looking for something more formal or to turn your yard into an exotic jungle, Frank’s Lawn 


Service has the skills and knowledge to create the landscaping of your dreams. Let us be your choice for local landscaping in Westchester and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for an estimate!