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Local Landscaping in Coconut Grove

Homeownership often comes with many unexpected responsibilities. Not only are you suddenly responsible for fixing issues with cracked tile or a clogged drain, but you are also often burdened with the care and maintenance of a huge lawn or garden. Keeping your yard at a certain level of orderliness is a huge task even for the smallest of lawns. Not only do you have to keep it watered, but you also often have the care and management of a score of plants, each of which has different watering, shade, and fertilizer needs.  However, you don’t need to do it alone! Here at Frank’s Lawn Service, we specialize in local landscaping in Coconut Grove and the surrounding areas. Lawn care in Florida is a unique project that we are uniquely equipped to handle. Our trained team of gardeners and arborists are ready to help you create your perfect landscape!

Landscaping in Florida Presents Unique Challenges

Landscaping is a truly unique thing. The right way to garden or landscape changes dramatically from region to region, neighborhood to neighborhood, or even house to house. What works in one neighborhood may not work in another, and this is even more true for local landscaping in Coconut Grove and the surrounding areas. 


Miami was built on a veritable swamp, by people creating land out of nothing. Our soil is full of sand and has different chemicals in it, depending on how close to the sea you are. Because of this, we have to spend more time bringing in the right kind of soil and making sure to fertilize religiously. Our soil doesn’t have a lot in it, making it difficult for any but the toughest of plants to survive. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have beautiful lawns.


Our team of experts can help you create the lawn of your dreams. They can inspect your soil, and either treat the soil that you have or bring in new soil to support the plants that are perfect for your dream lawn. They also know the ins and outs of keeping those plants healthy and under control. 


Local landscaping in Coconut Grove and the surrounding areas also presents a fantastic opportunity. As a subtropical area, Florida can sustain many plants from farther north, like basil and oak trees, while also being the perfect location for more tropical plants like palm trees or bird-of-paradise. We can easily grow gardens and craft landscapes that can exist nowhere else in the world. 


Styles of Local Landscaping in Coconut Grove


Local landscaping in Coconut Grove comes in many styles. Here are a few of the most popular ones!


1: Formal Style

Formal style landscaping is the most common kind of local landscaping style. Characterized by clean lines and manicured bushes, this style is what most people imagine when they think of the word landscaping. This style is perfect for the person who wants their lawn to evoke a feeling of peace and orderliness. However, it is also the style that requires the most consistent maintenance, both for the health and the shape of the plants. 


2: Cottage Style

Cottage style landscaping is a wilder form of landscaping that evokes a more casual feeling. This kind of garden utilizes more shrubs and perennial plants that complement the architecture of the house with more minimal upkeep. There also might be arbors or arches. The goal is to create a feeling of coziness in your yard.


3: Tropical Style

Probably the most common style here in South Florida, a tropical style landscape is one that tries to create the ambiance of a tropical island. Palm trees and wide-leafed shrubs abound, and there is usually a wide variety of stunning flowers and brightly colored leaves. This landscape is particularly popular here in Florida simply due to the types of plants that are native to the area, and the architectural styles that are trendy in the area.


4: Landscaping With Local Plants

Though some might group it under ‘tropical style’, landscaping with Florida’s natural plants deserves its own category. Florida is not a jungle, after all — our local flora and fauna are native to the Everglades, with their own color scheme and range of plants. Florida local plant landscaping is usually more subdued than a tropical style landscape, with more emphasis on texture and space than lushness. This kind of garden can lend itself particularly well to a more zen aesthetic, with fewer towering trees and more openness to the sky.


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