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How does lawn mowing benefit your commercial property?

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How does lawn mowing benefit your commercial property?

Lawn Mowing Service

Unkept lawn can be discouraging and a disturbing experience if you do it yourself.  Especially if you like keeping your grass neat and trimmed. No one wants to spend their precious weekend doing some extra work, and mowing their yard under the sun, plus sweating because is extremely hot outside. Specially in a Florida summer. Our team of Lawn Mowing Service can help you to lift that weight off your shoulders and leave your commercial property or residential lawn looking fresh and clean.

It does not matter if your yard has weeds, overgrown bushes and leaves everywhere. The Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service professional team will take care of everything! Our detailed-oriented team offers a full Lawn Mowing Service, while taking into consideration the customer’s needs.


We will:

  • Mow your grass
  • Put a pesticide application
  • Put fertilize
  • Prune the shrubs
  • Tree trimming
  • Decorative planting
  • Leaf removal
  • Blowing
  • Edging

Lawn Mowing Service in Miami

You can feel confident and comfortable, knowing that we are a licensed and insured company that will provide you with an excellent service with extremely professional results. Since lawn maintenance is a complex science, we will examine the current health and condition of your lawn, and we will create a specific treatment to enhance your lawn, despite the weather changes.

If you are a business owner you know presentation is always important, you need to have your property lawn look stunning and healthy at all times. You want to create and give an impression once your customers enter the area. We can work together to create a schedule so your lawn can be properly maintained while you focus on the important sides of your business!

Get started in creating a magical, outdoor area of your dreams by calling Frank’s Lawn Service today at 305-233-9369 or click here to make an appointment and get a free estimate on a Lawn Mowing Service!