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5 Expert Mowing Tips for a Beautifully Green Lawn

Lawn Care

5 Expert Mowing Tips for a Beautifully Green Lawn

Lawn Care

As a homeowner, there’s nothing better than looking out your front window and seeing a beautiful expanse of neatly kept grass. It can be a huge challenge, especially during the hot summer months, to keep your lawn looking its best. However, with the right Lawn Care Tips, you’ll have the knowledge you need to ensure that your grass is properly maintained and encourage more healthy growth. Our expert team at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is here to be that helping hand you need.

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Use the right tools: Unless you are a professional in Lawn Care maintenance, you likely do not have access to the top tools on the market. While lesser tools and mowers will still get the job done, you should be wary of choosing the cheapest tools you can find. They may save you a couple of bucks initially, but the damage they can potentially inflict on your lawn will take hundreds of dollars to repair. Do your research on recommended brands and models you should stick for next time you visit your local Home Depot or department store.

Determine the ideal length for your grass: This is likely one tip you have never considered or even heard of. When you set out to trim your yard, most individuals eyeball the length that they think looks appropriate. However, this could be doing more harm than good. Certain grasses thrive when they are left at half an inch, while others need about ¾ of an inch to remain healthy. These may seem like arbitrary numbers, but you’ll be surprised just how much length size matters here.

Perfect your technique: This one may take some time to get a grasp on, but you should try to be patient in your mowing endeavors and remind yourself that all good things take time. You may not get an ideal result the first time you set out to mow your property, but with some practice and incorporating tricks you pick up along the way, you will be well on your way to perfecting your own unique technique.

Select the right time of day to mow: Most homeowners simply get outside to do some mowing whenever they get the free time but waiting to carefully schedule this task can prove to be strategic in getting the best results. Studies have shown that the ideal time of day to mow your yard is either mid-morning between the hours of 8 and 10 AM or late afternoon between 4 and 6 PM. During these times, you are able to avoid peak heat temperatures and avoid running into dew that was formed overnight.

Seek out help when you need it: If you have tried the tips listed above and still cannot seem to get your mowing process down right, there is no need to stress. Most individuals lead busy lives and do not have the time to invest in these kinds of home maintenance tasks. Our professionals at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service are prepared to step in whenever you need us to get your lawn back into top condition.


Lawn Mowing for Beginners

Make the right choices for your lawn this summer with these expert Lawn Care tips. Work with a team of experienced arborists you can rely on and contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service at (305) 233-9369 today or click here to schedule your free estimate now!