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How to Mow Your Lawn the Right Way in 5 Easy Steps!

Lawn Care Mowing

How to Mow Your Lawn the Right Way in 5 Easy Steps!

Lawn Care Mowing

For any property, the lawn is one of the most important features it has. For visitors and even those passing by, the state of your lawn gives off an essential first impression. If your grass is long and unkempt, people may think negatively of you, and they may act differently around you. However, if your lawn is regularly maintained and looks healthy, people will think you are well organized, and it can even raise the value of your property. At Frank’s Lawn and Tree Service, we know the best Lawn Care Mowing tips that will make your property look its best.

The next time you landscape your property here are five Lawn Care Mowing tips you should use.

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  1. Don’t pick up grass clippings: Although your first instinct may be to pick up the clippings from a fresh cut, leaving them is better for your lawn. This process, called grasscycling, helps to fertilize your grass and helps it become healthier.
  2. Mow later in the day: If you like to get an early start to the morning and mow your lawn, it turns out waiting until it’s cooler is better. Cutting grass causes it to lose water, and when it’s hot outside, it’s more difficult for it to recover than when it’s cooler.
  3. Sharpen your mower blade: It may seem like a hassle to do at first, but making sure your mower blade is sharp not only makes the cut look better, but it also protects the grass from diseases that can enter in from uneven openings.
  4. Don’t cut too short: Cutting your grass extremely short may seem like a good idea, so you won’t have to mow your lawn again for a while, but it’s actually detrimental. Cutting too short exposes your soil which makes it much easier for weeds to grow.
  5. Avoid cutting wet grass: Avoid watering your grass before cutting it to prevent clumps of clippings from gathering and building up in the underside of your mower, which can make an uneven cut.

At Frank’s Lawn and Tree Service, we want to make sure you know the best Lawn Mowing Tips so your property can look its best and give off a favorable impression of you. If you have any questions about lawn care tips, our team of professional arborists will be happy to answer them!

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Learn more Lawn Mowing Tips by calling us today at (305) 233-9369 or click here to contact us!


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