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Learn the Correct Way to Install Your Very Own Plants!

Landscaping Plants

Learn the Correct Way to Install Your Very Own Plants!

Landscaping Plants

A key to any good looking landscape is the plants. Wielding a variety of colorful flowers will add beauty to any property. However, if you never installed your plants before, it may seem easy to mess up.

At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we utilize the best landscaping plants experts. This enables someone who never previously performed any yardwork can possess a thriving, beautiful garden.

Our team of licensed arborists own decades of experience and will happily provide you with the best tips and strategies to ensure your lawn looks the best it ever has.

Planning on installing landscaping plants for your lawn? It is important to prepare the soil before planting anything. First, you want to break up any compact soil by tilling and soaking. This will make it softer, and allow your new plants’ roots to spread easily.

If your lawn is additionally low in nutrients, adding organic bone meal and peat moss will release those nutrients into the soil. This affords your plants a healthy, beautiful aesthetic. Also, ensure that you do not add too much organic material. This can result in premature root rot as well as plant failure.

Designing a beautiful landscape requires effort, in addition to planning. A qualified lawn care expert can help you discover a design that works for you, capturing both your preferences, as well as a resource to express your personality through your greenery.

The expert team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is thoroughly experienced in horticulture and design. We will help you unlock your landscapes true potential that suits your preferences while representing an extension of your home.

Our service goal is providing visual appeal including color variations, proper proportion, varied textures, hardscaped surface, and selecting appropriate plants to thrive. We want you to achieve your dream landscape.

Landscaping Services

When you install plants into the soil, it is important to provide the plant with plenty of room to grow. Plants need this space to expand their roots as well as for proper water drainage. Before putting the plant into the ground, dig a hole about two to five times wider than the container, and dig as deep as the root ball.

Once you achieve this, fill the hole up with water and wait for it to drain. If it takes more than two hours to drain completely, you need to utilize drain tiles or similar aid. You can also find a different location to accommodate your landscaping plants.

When you find the proper location with the right drainage, it is time to transfer your landscaping plants from their pots into the soil. Firstly, tap on the sides and bottom of the pot or container housing the plants. This helps you loosen the root ball.

As you loosen the root ball, remove it from the pot carefully to avoid ripping off the stem. Then you can loosen the root ball further by gently massaging it. When you place the plant into its new hole, ensure the top of the root ball is level with the ground, then you can fill the hole up with soil. Make sure to pack the soil in tightly to avoid any air bubbles from forming.

Landscaping ultimately comes down to your personal aesthetic tastes. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service works closely and harmoniously to cultivate and develop landscapes that help them express their personality.

Our services represent innovative solutions utilizing the most state-of-the-art techniques. We specifically design our techniques to represent sustainability while remaining environmentally friendly. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service ensures proper site grading and also accounts for issues like drainage and soil type.

Low Maintenance Garden Plants

At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we want your landscape looking better than ever. After you install your new landscaping plants, we assure your happiness and satisfaction. If you never developed the green thumb, it may seem difficult to install plants correctly.

Our team of licensed arborists is more than happy to walk you through the installation process while providing you with their best tips. These services help your new plants grow optimally healthy.

Do you need any questions or concerns answered and addressed? We can help you with this education, as well as what plants grow best for specific times of year and climates. Our team is happy to speak with you.

Our company can help you with landscaping for a commercial or residential property while providing an affordable price. Comprised of licensed and insured landscaping experts, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is a valuable landscaping resource in the South Florida community.

A first impression is very important, and we commit to performing the job optimally each and every time. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can help you impart the best possible first impression to both visitors as well as guests. For this reason, we offer landscaping services in Miami, and throughout the South Florida community.

New plants can make or break your landscape, when installed properly. This is especially true concerning an expansive residential or commercial landscape. We provide the necessary experience and knowledge to help you install your plants properly.

We want to help you cultivate a beautiful, elegant aesthetic. Learn more about our favorite Landscaping Plants tips by calling us today at (305) 233-9369 or click here to contact us! For the best possible outcome, enlist our services and see for yourself why our customers hold us in such high esteem!