Tree Branch Removal | Lawn Care Maintenance in Miami
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Get Dangerous Tree Branches Removed Today Before Someone Gets Hurt!

Tree Branch Removal

Get Dangerous Tree Branches Removed Today Before Someone Gets Hurt!

Tree Branch Removal

Hurricane Season is in full swing, and South Florida is once again experiencing severe weather conditions. Although some rain is great to help your yard look lush and lively, too much wind and intense rain can impart devastating effects on your greenery. The most common worry this time of year for homeowners is that branches located in areas like the tree canopy potentially resulting in some serious devastation.

Additionally, when storms produce strong enough winds and hit your area, this is a dangerous situation. Large trees and their branches in your yard that remain too close to the home or your vehicles may lead to serious damage.

As winds swirl during a storm, they can pick up these dead tree parts and turn them into projectiles. Homeowners typically protect their windows from flying debris threats by employing storm shutters. Unfortunately, some individuals remain unprotected due to a lack of preparation time, or they simply cannot cover every window.

Don’t risk your property’s or family’s safety with an unqualified professional. Hire the certified arborists from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service for help today! Our licensed and insured team can help you bring the most out of your property.

Remove Local Branches

Although removing tree limbs is an inexpensive tree maintenance method, it is important to remove tree branches, as well as prune trees to remove dead growth and improve the overall health of the tree. This lowers the possibility of major damage to your property, keeps trees away from power lines, etc. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service offers tree services, including stump removal and tree removal service to Miami-Dade County and the South Florida community.

Our expert team has training in how to identify dangerous branches, as well as the best ways to cut them. This ensures minimal damage to the surrounding landscape while we remove the branch. Our team cuts just outside the crown when we trim the tree. By cutting the branch in this way, we ensure a proper branch removal as we minimize any issues around your home or property.

Large branches, as well as dead branches, can fall on a home, additionally creating unseemly debris in a yard. This may pose a significant safety risk to the property, in addition to visitors and homeowners themselves.

Yard Maintenance from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Tree Branch RemovalAt Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, we understand the trials and tribulations many homeowners face regarding their hectic daily lives. People often put off their yard maintenance due to tree removal costs. Let us help the situation while you worry about tasks, as well as your family.


If you take the necessary steps to secure your home before the property suffers damage from a storm, the aftermath is usually much easier to handle. This even includes removing staples like tree trunks and stumps. You may believe you can handle these risks on your own. However, there is far more to this process than many are aware of.

A team of experienced arborists like our professionals from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service boasts knowledge about proper tree care. This helps us guarantee a seamless, safe, and effective service. Our provisions also include removing tree stumps to help customers cultivate a clear, gorgeous landscape.

Our experts can offer you a free estimate for stump removal, tree branch removal, and numerous other service offerings. We will also discuss a price on hauling away your debris in conjunction with a comprehensive landscaping maintenance package.

After this initial estimate, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service will have a comprehensive idea concerning any costs for your landscaping services and the magnitude of the job. With this information, we can get to work right away!

Is your current tree service too costly? Remove any potential safety threats from your lawn this hurricane season. Reach out to Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service to learn more about our incredible lawn care services, including tree maintenance!