Front Yard Landscaping in Kendall | Yard Maintenance
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Front Yard Landscaping in Kendall

Front Yard Landscaping

Front Yard Landscaping in Kendall

Front Yard Landscaping in Kendall

Front Yard Landscaping in Kendall

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service recognizes that no two areas of land are the same. While one method may work terrifically for one property, it may not represent the answer for another. By utilizing our lawn maintenance services, you can remain certain that by the time our experts are done, your back and Front Yard Landscaping in Kendall will look lush, stunning, and enriched. We delve deep in order to find the maintenance routine that is right for you.


Our team from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service believes in building long­lasting, professional relationships with all of our customers. It is our mission to deliver complete satisfaction after every interaction. Our team possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise in the field. This means coming equipped with masterful skills and years of experience in not only front yard landscaping but also bringing out the beauty in any property.

Although you may not feel like you need professional assistance at first, expert intervention is the ideal way to make your lawn look it’s preeminent best. Your property can represent the apple of every neighbor’s eye, or like an unmitigated disaster.


When you feel like your home could use some additional curb appeal, front yard landscaping in Kendall is the answer. This could begin with some small alterations to improve aesthetics, or even extend into an entire landscaping transformation.


Regardless of your job at hand, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service insists on representing and achieving the dreams of our clients. We want you to wield the landscape you always dreamed of. With our professional services, you can make your dreams a reality!


Best Lawn Treatment

We offer many types of lawn maintenance services, including:



Regular lawn maintenance is crucial in preserving the appeal and uniformity of your property. Plants, trees, grass, and shrubs constantly grow and require careful attention. You can only accomplish a lush, healthy lawn with special supervision and plenty of TLC.


A busy property owner usually does not possess the necessary time to dedicate to creating a stunning landscape. However, trusted professionals like our team at Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can work with your schedule to establish regular lawn maintenance service to keep your property in top condition.


In fact, many of our clients aren’t even at home when our professional arborist team gets to work. They entrust Frank’s Lawn to get the job right and take all of the dirty work out of their hands. You can rely on our experts for front yard landscaping in Kendall safely and effectively!


Landscape Services

A gorgeous landscape is an ideal complement to a beautiful home or business. Many times, this is the first impression that visitors, family, clients, friends, and even passersby will gain about your home or place of work.


When a property appears out of sorts, these onlookers may attain a negative opinion about what goes on inside a company, or even about the homeowners inside of a residence. Contrarily, when you can manage your yard and help it look its best, this provides a contrasting outlook.


Guarantee that visitors will want to enter the property with a great looking landscape. Update your lawn with the best-in-class services from a professional landscaping team.


The Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service team works with our clients to create a landscaping aesthetic that perfectly accentuates the architectural features of a building on a property. Furthermore, we focus on highlighting a yard’s best features through subtle alterations as needed. As a result, we help proprietors cultivate truly memorable visuals within their very own yards.


Transform your yard with our ideas, tips, as well as projects involved in front yard landscaping in Kendall services. We offer licensed, insured, and efficient services to ensure that we get the job right legally. Additionally,  we accomplish yard transformations while mitigating any potential risks to a property, and those that attend it for almost any reason.


Don’t allow your lawn to overgrow and lose its natural beauty. Enlist professional front yard landscaping services and ensure that your maintenance is always up to date by contacting our Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service professionals at (305) 233-­9369. We know what’s best for your front yard landscaping!