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Four Ways to Incorporate Ornamental Grass into Your Commercial Landscaping

tree trimming in Miami

Four Ways to Incorporate Ornamental Grass into Your Commercial Landscaping

Using Ornamental Grasses on Your Commercial Property

When most people think about commercial landscaping, they tend to think about services run the gamut from lawn mowing and tree trimming in Miami to things like plant installations and pest control.

While these represent staples of many a commercial property, qualified, expert landscapers like Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service can impart far more than just tree service. For example, ornamental grass offers a great way to enhance the aesthetics and overall health of any commercial property.

For this reason, our team wants to provide some information on some of our favorite ways that your business can use ornamental grass to enhance the landscape. Read on to learn more.

Texture for Beds and Borders

Ornamental grass provides a unique texture to any commercial space. Soft grasses like fountaingrass will look great when paired with plants that exhibit bold textures and shades. Similarly, an upright grass-like muhly grass and offer an ideal textural counterpart to mounded plants as well.

Dress Up a Patio or Rest Area

There is no reason to limit your utilization of ornamental grass to beds and borders within the commercial property. You can grow these grasses in containers. This can help you cultivate a bit of drama and flair to any deck or patio space.

Consider purple fountain grass for a robust splash of color to any area. A native plant in the state of Florida, this grass imparts splashes of burgundy foliage and plumes. This is an especially good choice for growth in containers because you’ll need to replace them in springtime again anyway.

As Landscape Accents

Grasses remain one of the best selections for beds and borders. A clump of fountain grass will subtly complement colorful flowers like petunias or black-eyed Susans.

You can tuck ornamental grasses here and there across your commercial landscape. By installing the same types of grass amongst different areas on your property, you can utilize these ornamentals as accents that will help tie the whole aesthetic together.

Attract (the Right Kind) of Wildlife

Ornamental grasses can prove an excellent way to attract wildlife. Birds and other friendly critters can use leaf blades to make nests, additionally using larger grasses for shelter. Some species will even eat grass seeds.

However, you will always want to ensure that you maintain the commercial landscape to promote and encourage the right kinds of wildlife. Without tended care, a landscape can swiftly become overgrown, inviting more unwanted visitors and pests.

This is where commercial landscaping services like tree trimming in Miami must come in to help. You don’t want exorbitant spending on a tree service while trying to run your business and keep your commercial landscape up to snuff.

tree trimming in Miami

Information on Ornamental Grasses in Your Commercial Landscape from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

When you need a company that exhibits the requisite knowledge, experience, and specialization for your commercial landscape, Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service is the preeminent solution.

We can help you with the best native plants and ornamental grasses to help your commercial property look its absolute best. These services include and extend to tree trimming in Miami, as well as removing debris to help your company’s offer the best first impression to onlookers and visitors alike.

To learn more about our tree service and ornamental grasses in the South Florida area, contact Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service today!