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Five Creative Ideas for Your Commercial Landscaping

professionally maintained landscape in MIami

Five Creative Ideas for Your Commercial Landscaping

Business Landscaping Trends that Can Benefit Your Business

Excellent business landscaping can make or break the first impression your company imparts to clients, visitors, and even employees. Professionally maintained landscape in Miami properly blended with creative and unique ideas is an excellent way to cultivate a grand aesthetic for anyone that sets foot on your commercial property.

Although the best commercial landscape services will vary depending on the size and type of your surroundings, keeping together some common aspects will remain the same. In South Florida, we’re surrounded by natural beautiful all the time with year-round warm weather and beautiful sunshine in the skies. Your commercial landscape should be no exception with the ultimate goal based on attractive, inviting, and plausible implementations.

Our Top 5 Creative Landscaping Ideas for Your Commercial Property

Some business landscaping trends will bring about fresh pops of color to your landscape. However, others will represent continuations and enhancements of current or former trends. Nonetheless, even ideas that don’t seem unique or original can go a long way with increased intensity. Focus on keeping commercial landscape services smart, green, and efficient.

Colorful, Beautiful South Florida Flower Beds

Flower beds impart attractive blooms of color that are guaranteed to upgrade your business space. Closely pack bunches of flowers that are ready to flaunt while blending in seamlessly in a green expanse.

This will surely draw the eye to the frontage of your business. This innovation and creativity is something to appreciate for visitors and employees alike. You can even experiment with arrangements to resemble your brand’s colors, logo, or name!

Plantings in Containers

Planting your favorite flora in attractive large containers is a trendy way to score a win for your existing business décor. It is likely that your commercial property occupies a larger space than many residential sites. For this reason, it is wise to implements a large-sized container at the front entrance with some seasonal South Florida plantings.

You could also plant small trees right in the center of containers, blending various colors and patterns. This is the ideal way to take a blasé landscape into one that is truly visually amazing.

Focus on Your Walkways

Walkway guides your guests to the entrance of your business. This is why focusing on high commercial landscape maintenance in this area is crucial.

Take your front entrance to the next level by installing unique fixtures like pavers or stonework. This is the ideal chance to get creative, as well as impart some of your brand’s unique personality. Why not incorporate your logo or colors into the design?

Don’t Forget the Parking Space

Visitors will want to feel safe visiting your business. It always feels inviting to visit a company location, parking close to the front entrance. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a possible option.

To remedy this problem, you can create small gardens in the parking area to break up a seemingly endless sea of concrete. This will provide the sense that you care about the entire property.

Set the bar high here with your commercial landscape services and add in some color, lighting, even art amongst the trees. Use the opportunity to show you truly care about your business landscaping throughout, making your mark with a professionally maintained landscape in Miami.

Use Water Effectively and Get a Return on Your Investment

Water conservation continues to be a hot-button issue everywhere. Responsible water usage is a hot topic for commercial properties all over the country.

Utilizing fewer water-dependent plants is a great way to minimize overwatering while putting your company’s best eco-centric foot forward. Similarly, encouraging your staff or landscaping team to use existing water implementations with frugality shows your visitors that you care about the environment while gaining a return on your efforts with reduced overhead.

Our Favorite Business Landscaping Ideas from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

professionally maintained landscape in MIamiLet Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service step in and help you with your business landscaping. We want to help you stand out from the crowd, bridging the gap between your imagination and the final product. To learn more, contact our team today!