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Don’t Make a Rookie Mistake, Water Your Lawn Efficiently With These Great Tips!

lawn watering tips

Don’t Make a Rookie Mistake, Water Your Lawn Efficiently With These Great Tips!

Lawn Watering Tips for a Lush Expanse of Greenery

Something that many South Florida homeowners learn early on is that our weather rarely cooperates. When we need some rain, the sun continues to scorch our grass into relative oblivion. Contrarily, we might also discover that the rain falls from the heavens immediately after watering our grass, washing our car, etc.

For this reason, we must remain prepared to water our lawn as necessary. Using an adequate amount of water is a must to maintain a lush, green lawn that we can all appreciate. Your friends from Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service want to share some information to help water your yard.

Although implementing the following information is easier for those with irrigation systems, you can still adhere to these lawn watering tips without one.

Timing and Amount Means Everything

You will want to water your lawn deeply, albeit infrequently. It may also seem like a contradictory sense, but you never want to water your lawn during the hottest part of the day. The best time to water your grass is in the morning before work.

Cooler temperatures enable your soil to absorb more water before it can evaporate. However, you should make sure you don’t water too late. The later you water the grass, the greater chance for disease to prevail in your lawn.

Every landscape is different, requiring different amounts of water. Our team typically recommends watering an established lawn until the top six to eight inches of soil is wet as a part of our lawn watering tips. Most lawns will require 1 inch of water each week from either rain or watering to soak the soil to this degree.

Water Evenly, and Don’t Overdo It!

As you water your lawn, you need to make sure that you soak the grass completely through. Once you complete this, you don’t need to repeat it for a few days. When you water over-consistently, this could promote crabgrass, as well as weeds that contribute to additional lawn maintenance as time goes on.

It also remains essential that your entire lawn receives the same amount of water consistently. Focus your watering needs on spreading water to all parts of the lawn for equal amounts of time. You may even consider purchasing a sprinkler, or sprinkler system. This method is advantageous over using a hose with a spray attachment.

Lawn Watering Tips with Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service

Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service offers numerous lawn care services for every season, in addition to educating our clients with landscaping and lawn watering tips. Regardless if you require assistance on a specific issue, or with maintaining your landscape all year, our experienced team loves bringing our expert services to help our clients.

When it comes to your lawn care, starting a regimen late can mean the difference between beautiful greenery, and a yard full of weeds. Proper lawn watering tips remain essential for a healthy lawn. Other necessary evils to your best looking landscape include mowing, fertilizer, aeration, and weeding. Each of these contributes to maintaining a lawn that might reflect the envy of the neighborhood.

With some knowledge and some hard work, we can all possess a lawn to be proud of. Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service wants to help your lawn remain as healthy as possible all year round. For more lawn watering tips or other information, contact our professional landscaping experts today!