Common Landscaping Issues | Lawn Maintenance Miami
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Common Landscaping Issues


Your landscape can be a make or break first impression. At Frank’s Lawn & Tree Service, our customized lawn services provide far more than simply mowing your grass. We cultivate every one of our landscaping provisions in order to specifically target common landscaping issues that can negatively impact the overall health and appearance of your property.

Stop Weeds Dead in Their Tracks

No matter how many remedies or miracle products you’ve enlisted, you just can’t seem to stay ahead of them. Weeds are very quickly taking over your treasured lawn, and you aren’t sure what to do.

You don’t need to spend hours trying to pull them out the old-fashioned way or trying to spray them down with one weed poison after another. The expert team from Frank’s Lawn is comprised of landscaping experts with specific training to fight off the unwanted guests in your lawn that have overstayed their welcome. For 30 years we have been applying our effective techniques and helping our clients be weed free, and ensuring they enjoy their beautiful lawn regardless of the season.

Frank’s Lawn is able to control your weeds through a multifaceted attack and defense treatment. We ensure a healthy root system of your plants, helping them to fight off the spread of weeds by absorbing the water and nutrients intended for the growth of your plants, not the weeds. We additionally apply weed treatments before the winter seasons, as the colder weather is an optimal time for weed growth with your grass and other plants entering a more dormant state.

Pest Control

A pest control plan is a paramount factor in protecting your landscape. Lawn maintenance and pest control work hand-in-hand, with a well-maintained landscape cutting down on unwanted bugs, and a pest-free lawn being far easier to maintain.

Pest control specifically targets insects that are unwelcome in your lawn, trees, and other plants. Our expert specialists at Frank’s Lawn can quickly identify the insects and the damage that they’re causing your greenery by invading your landscape. Our specified treatments are able to target, and efficiently eliminate these pests while leaving the environment unaffected.

Lawn Maintenance Services

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